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Nom: Mack Da Knife OGK
Eleveur: Bean Boyz Genetics
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: mostly sativa
Floraison: ~63 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Bean Boyz Genetics - Mack Da Knife OGK

This sativa dominated hybrid marijuana strain is the result of crossing Tahoe OG and Jack the ripper. These 2 are known for having excellent genetics and the result of pairing these two is Mack Da Knife OGK. This strain can be grown whether indoor and outdoor and applicable even to beginners because it is easy to maintain. It grows to just about 6 feet and shaped like Christmas tree with thick green leaves that change to purple colour in colder climate and upon maturity. Flowering time can be expected when it reaches 8 weeks on the average and though the yield is not that high, expect a highly potent cannabis bud that is compact, tight and with lots of THC crystals as well as sticky resin generously topping the buds. Smoke it and the fine characteristics of sativa genetics will be readily felt and it will give a clear-headed cerebral high with nice trippy effects.

"Mack the Knife, Mack the Knife, Mack the Knife!" I love the name! You will see why I've chosen this title as you read on. "Oh the shark bite, has such teeth that..." (okay settle down Batts) Heavy Hitters are what we are using for this one. With the name I've picked you'd have to! I believe my Spanish grower friends will be on this like Oprah on a Whopper!

"Who dat slipp'n round that corner? Must be Mack the Knife!"

The most exciting part of breeding is the "think'n part" that takes place before the strains are chosen, and the "it" plants are picked out. I call this "Dream Time" and enjoy it to the max. Most all things cannabis are dealing in "dream time" for that matter. This is where anything is possible, or, everything is possible. It goes on for years with some strains, and moments for others. This one has been two years. Here's the back tale:

The Mamma: I received 2 pacs of TGA's JTR in the original packaging from Chris at Whitehorse Seeds (creator of Arcata Train Wreck) two years ago. Man was I DREAM'n jess think'n about the Ripper! Crazy good name! Props Subby!

What grew wasn't what I was thinking about, yet nice none the less. It was okay if your were about 3-5 years into smoking, but I'm in 42, so that will never play for me. They did suffer from a huge hit of PM that summer. What a curse! Never saw it before the last two years! Now must be on me toes or get fucked big time!! Could the Gov be releasing tons in the air?

So the first season wasn't what I needed from JTR, yet cloned the best pheno, planning on giving her another chance to prove what is written about this strain by Subby. Actually took 5 clones. You never know! 4 caught, and grew up appearing different than the mother. This too isn't unusual if you've been swimming in this pool for as long as I have been, the Breeding pool that is. Many times cutting will express differently than their mother. Why is this? Well, it all has to do with environments in which they are grown. Simple, yet forgotten by 85% of growers. Last season I put them outside in the Free Range. They responded in a huge positive way (can't beat SUNSHINE). One was the most potential. I kept showing it to Cyclops, he was impressed too. That is hard to do. Impress Clops LOL ! Tough audience. Great friend, wingman. She was reddish green in her early flowering, the crystals jess forming. She's ready! No, she wasn't smoked as of yet, BUT I placed a bet as I do with many strains/plants... if they fail, then I tried. Again, "yous must shoot if you gonna get a duck!" So shoot I did!

The Daddy: If this is the killz crossing I planned on then no mess'n around with the male, but again as this was such a dream project, I passed over the OGK male and choose his stable mate, my Tahoe OG for this crossing."Lemon kerosene skunk funk to the max." old Swerve called it. And my Tahoe had jess that in spades! To tell you the truth, Lemon isn't one of my favorite tastes. Lemon can be many tastes, including Lemon. I prefer a richer, deeper flavor, yet sour/chem/fuely is on the top of my list! Batts: Also a paradox. So I put Tahoe with her for over 5 days, they "Played House" in the warm summer weather, dancing in the breeze, sway'n like fools, happy as plants can be! Me too LOL ! I watched as her buds grew swollen full of beanz... I became like the proud Pappa, calling to them, "The Knife!" Hope they were listening!

Male: Tahoe OG (SFV OGK F3x Tahoe Clone)
Female: Jack The Ripper (pluton X purple haze X lambsbread X NL X Jack Herer X ROMULAN X CINDY99 BOAG)
Height: 6 feet, Xmas tree shaped, loves super crop'n. D.O.P.
Weight: 4-8 ozs, depending on skills, luck, karma
THC: Higher, super resin production.
Bud Density: 8 on a 10... Nice tight, great bag appeal
Flowering: 8-10 weeks, DOP (Depending on Pheno)
Sativa/Indica: about 70/30

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