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Informations officielles / notions de base sur le Haze de Unknown or Legendary

Aka: O Haze; Haze Brothers Original Haze

Who got the original? Here the Haze-Line in a short version:

Haze Brothers -> Sam the Skunkman (Cultivators Choice) -> Wernard (Positronics); Neville (The Seed Bank); Eddie Reedeker (Flying Dutchmen)

Sam the Skunkman, who was the breeder of the first commercial available "Original Haze" out of the Haze-Brothers genetics said the following into the IC-Mag forums:

[...] The main Haze Brother, R was gone, retired in Mexico by 82 he did not come back for 10 years. He was the one that created O Haze. The second Haze Brother J quit growing O Haze about 1980 and only grew Skunk #1 after that [...] and anyway recently he told me he never [...] did not sell any Haze seeds to [...] anyone else ever. The Haze Bros had a falling out in the late 70's and stopped talking to one another, for certain they did not sell seeds as the Haze Bros to anyone [...]. Both the Haze Bros were close friends of mine and both were close neighbours for years, J lived a few hundred meters from my house until he departed to Mexico.

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