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Romulan est une variété mostly indica de origine inconnue et peut être cultivée en l'intérieur et l'extérieur. .

Que savons-nous de la inconnue / légendaire Romulan?

Rumors and guesses as to the parentage of Romulan abound. Claims that the Romulan is a pure Indica (Afgani/Kush) are mistaken. While there may be some genetics from Indica (Afgani) varieties, anyone who has tried the Romulan knows that the mind warping effect is that of plant with strong sativa traits. `Romulan Joe` and I have had many conversations on the origin of this strain. According to him the original breeders started growing in there backyard and greenhouse in the 50`s, after being introduced to cannabis in the Korean war and bringing home seeds to Victoria. They struggled to grow and acclimatise these seeds selecting the faster flowering shorter plants from the tall lanky Korean strain. When the late sixties and early seventies rolled around, they began trying Columbian and Mexician seeds, hybridizing varieties from these. In the mid 80`s when the Afghani strains swept into North America they briefly tried hybridizing with these but eventually when back to selecting the traits they liked in there old genetics. They worked mainly with Sativa genetics but always selected shorter squatter phenotypes which has made many people think that it is purely Indica strain. But whatever its true genealogy is, I`m sure we can all agree on its great taste and high.

Additional information courtesy of Romulan Genetics®:

Our founder grew up in California in the late 70's and early 80's. His father was US Navy Veteran, and also a well connected drug dealer during the 1960-70's. He was, more importantly, also a grower of cannabis. And starting in the late 1960's, his father began a business relationship with a certain motorcycle club. Which soon flourished into him being a main supplier of cannabis, cocaine, and LSD to some of the larger chapters of this club in California. This was the beginning of a loose collection of growers and cannabis breeders, who were all also military veterans and connected to motorcycle clubs from California to British Columbia. They met during camping trips up and down the PNW, and traded seeds, stories, and did their business with their families in tow all while camping out in the woods.

This was eventually how Romulan came to be, but it was first known by a very different name: Port Alberni Pinebud. In California, it was called Pine Mtn. bud among a few other names. But it was all coming from the same source, that group of veterans who grew and met during camping trips together. They started meeting up, and eventually working together on the cannabis they were breeding. It started well before Jake's father got involved, with veterans returning home from the Korean war. They brought back seeds from an amazing strain they had sampled, called Thai. The Korean Thai seeds were grown back home in the BC area, and Norcal area but these veterans found it very difficult to grow in those regions. Eventually when Jake's father and other veterans got involved, they introduced a Mexican sativa into the mix. And later a Colombian landrace was added, most likely Colombian Red, in the late 1970's. Eventually an Afghani Indica was bred in, but they did not like the results entirely, so they back crossed it with the Colombian Red again before they found what they were looking for. This original set of F1 seed stock are what brought P. Alberni Pinebud, P.A. Purple, and other notable strains to come from that region at that time. It was also at around this time, that Federal Agencies began to crack down on this groups members and their activities. This forced them to no longer meet together, and pushed the resulting strains and growers into more remote areas.

But that still doesn't cover how it became Romulan. "Romulan Joe" is who brought the strain to the masses initially. Most everyone knows that part of the story. The Romulan we grow here, is something very similar to the famous Joe's Romulan, but not the exact same thing. Rather it is a slightly different version than what Joe had, and should be thought of as closer to Vic High's Romulan cut. Our's is a pure original Romulan that has not been crossed with anything else.

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