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Profil d'Plante S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious S1 (de Sweet Seeds)

Cette Profil d'Plante a été générée sur 8 profils unique, notamment grâce à la: iwalktheearth, UDZR1, wasgedn, TrainWreck 2, Jubei, Hempsmoke et kafkaf

Informations sur la croissance des plantes:

Floraison d'intérieur
Entre 48 et 68 jours (en moyenne: 58 jours.)
Allongement après introduction de la floraison
±166 pour cent
Introduction de la floraison d'environ 32 cm. - Hauteur final sur environ 85 cm.
Comportement de croissance
De pousses latérales
en moyenne au beaucoup; légèrement plus de la moyenne long ainsi que légèrement plus de la moyenne forte.
Les plantes de ce Cannabis-Strain... besoin pas de beaucoup de soins.
...sont tolérantes à la sur- ou sous-fertilisation. (!!!) sont pas sensibles à la moisissure.
...sont bien adaptés pour la espace très faibles. (!!!)
...sont un bon choix pour les débutants.
...construisent peu ordinaire fleurs sur le côté des branches. (!!!)
...peuvent étroite plantées ensemble. (!!!)
...grandissent et ressemble plus à un Indica.
...sont bien adaptés pour la SoG (See of Green).
...sont un bon choix pour la culture commerciale.
...sont tolérants à l'égard des fluctuations de température. sont pas exposées à des maladies fongiques. (!!!)
...n'ont pas de problèmes avec des températures basses.
...sont bien adaptés pour la ScroG (Screen of Green). devraient pas être fortement taillé.
...peuvent construire des fleurs en avant la période de croissance.
...répondent bien à la habillage de la tige principale.
...devraient être soutenus dans la période de floraison.

De récolte, Rendement, Le goût, L'arôme, force et l'efficacité

Rendement / Quantité
La récolte de cette souche est haut.
Le ratio de fleurs aux feuilles est plus de la moyenne.
La structure des fleurs
Les fleurs séchées sont dur et compact.
Puissance / Effet durable
La Marihuana affecte forte et de longue durée.
Construit tolérance
très lente tolérance éducation.

Impression Générale

S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious S1 (Sweet Seeds)

est tous ensemble extrêmement bon et très recommandable
(En moyenne 9 points sur une échelle entre 0 et 10 !)

Information Additionnelle

iwalktheearth estime

She was apart of my first grow, she had 4 siblings all growing together. A slow start with a good root and in Auto going a nice pace getting fat and pacing herself, after about a month she started to spurt, she took off so fast; in her bed of soil and organic compost mix, I started feeding her dripplets of liquid fert in each water and she responded well to little feeds but didn't like big feeds, she made an almost perfect shape (best way to describe would be like a jewish candle) small flowers at the points that were the first to appear and took the longest to mature, the buds all-though small; almost raspberry size were hard and fat and didn't grow much bigger; they just seemed to stay stuck in time; all-though she didn't give me a huge yield the sheer power of her little nugs gave my head a spicy hot stone that was long lasting and knocked me on my ass; as a medicinal she has the potential to help the darkest of souls. It may have been the seed; the pheno stretched high with large spaces of nothing but stem, she wasn't chasing light she had 700 watts and over 10,000 lumens on a schedule of circa 14-15-16-17 hours. She could take full light no problem and gave some unique purple coloration. It's worth the wait if you care for good medicine, just don't get dissapointed with her yield, as a comparison, a smaller widow auto from (secret) went in after she did (almost one month head start) made more buds in less time and though her uniform was not perfect she didn't stalemate at all or cease to grow on the same diet and in the same tent.

The smell of the buds are enough to tell you that they are potent little ones, a hot flushing snake bite that soothes the soul and keeps the mind steady.

I suspect the seed so when I grow her again I will give you the second log update. Don't give up on her though, she is a little angel :)

I'm not the worlds greatest grower but I do not out-do myself with any stupid ideas
though in her last month she had some diluted tea with sugar as did the other girls, no issues just a vitamin suppliment of red african tea. (I advise it, because I like it) and not overdone on nutes at all. (25.06.2018, 07:38)

UDZR1 estime

I avoid feminized seeds and more so feminized-only seedbanks because I like to take cuttings
and you always end up with hermaphrodite problems at some point when dealing with feminized mother plants.

But I have to admit that the S.A.D. is really a great Indica.

The smell is piney, not much taste as expected from a pure Indica, but the effects are so relaxing....

Don't postpone harvest, chop it when it's about ready for great social and relaxing effects.

9,75/10 (30.10.2016, 14:54)

wasgedn estime

best indica i had..... (12.02.2017, 20:08)

TrainWreck estime

Der kleine kompakte Phäno unterscheidet sich nur kaum von dem anderen Phäno.
Er bildet wesentlich mehr Seitentriebe aus und ist im Schnitt 10cm kleiner als der andere.
Von der Wirkung und Geschmack liegen die zwei gleichauf.
Der Ertrag ist bei diesem Phäno höher.

Der Strain ist schon was feines.
Einfach zu ziehen und zu clonen und beschenkt wird man dann mit harten Nuggets welche
einem ein sehr potentes indica high bescheren und das ganze wird dann noch mit einem schönen Geschmack abgerundet ;) (27.02.2011, 17:49)

Jubei estime

I have only grown out a single seed yet. More will follow and this review will be updated accordingly.

A very stretchy plant with a very sativa'ish leaf shape, but overall a very indica'esc structure with few and short side branches. She tends to develop a huge and very compact cola and yields pretty good.

She smells like a muskox, hash, noble woods, a little sweet, slightly acidic and carries hints of after Shave. During flowering her smell is rather subtle, but when dried and cured, the smell becomes really intense.

The smell translates perfectly into the very heavy and creamy taste: the last puff tastes just as good as the first one. Very unusual and very nice!

The high is intense and will put you down! Very calming, relaxing and spacy. Well suited for a cosy evening!

A definite recommendation! Again: Nice work, Sweet Seeds! [9/10] (12.10.2017, 11:01)

Hempsmoke estime

Grew 2 seeds so far and I have to say it is a really nice strain.
The plants were bushy with many side branches, but they still like to stretch a bit more than some other indicas.
I got 2 phenos
#1 is a bit taller, has small but dense and frosty buds and smells musky, a little aftershave like a user here wrote,rounded up by some sweetness. It's a "darker" smell than the other pheno.
#2 Is a bit smaller but produces much bigger colas(The buds are not as dense tho), and may need support in later flowering stages. The resin on this one has a sandy appearance when dried, great bag appeal. In this pheno the smell is dominated by the sweetness with a little bit of fruitiness mixed with some woody smells.
Both plants mature within 8-9 weeks, but probably can be harvested faster if you don't have the time...

While not being as strong as some modern hybrids, the high is very pleasant and has a relaxing effect on body and mind.
I ended up reaching for the SAD bag quite often and am currently looking forward to the next harvest so I can restock it ;)
Still got 2 seeds left from the 3+1 pack and they will be definitely grown. (09.08.2019, 22:30)

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