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S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious S1
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S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious S1 (Sweet Seeds) :: Recension de la Variété :: Indoor :: No.85809082768884005 by Hempsmoke

Profil d'Plante S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious S1 (de Sweet Seeds)

Cette Profil d'Plante est une expression individuelle par , transféré à la 08.08.2019.

Informations sur la croissance des plantes:

Floraison d'intérieur
Entre 51 et 61 jours (en moyenne: 56 jours.)
Allongement après introduction de la floraison
±150 pour cent
Introduction de la floraison d'environ 40 cm. - Hauteur final sur environ 100 cm.
Comportement de croissance
De pousses latérales
beaucoup; moyenne de long ainsi que légèrement plus de la moyenne forte.

De récolte, Rendement, Le goût, L'arôme, force et l'efficacité

Rendement / Quantité
La récolte de cette souche est haut.
Le ratio de fleurs aux feuilles est plus de la moyenne.
La structure des fleurs
Les fleurs séchées sont dur et compact.

Impression Générale

S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious S1 (Sweet Seeds)

est tous ensemble tres bon et tout à fait recommandable
(En moyenne 8 points sur une échelle entre 0 et 10 !)

Information Additionnelle

Hempsmoke estime

Grew 2 seeds so far and I have to say it is a really nice strain.
The plants were bushy with many side branches, but they still like to stretch a bit more than some other indicas.
I got 2 phenos
#1 is a bit taller, has small but dense and frosty buds and smells musky, a little aftershave like a user here wrote,rounded up by some sweetness. It's a "darker" smell than the other pheno.
#2 Is a bit smaller but produces much bigger colas(The buds are not as dense tho), and may need support in later flowering stages. The resin on this one has a sandy appearance when dried, great bag appeal. In this pheno the smell is dominated by the sweetness with a little bit of fruitiness mixed with some woody smells.
Both plants mature within 8-9 weeks, but probably can be harvested faster if you don't have the time...

While not being as strong as some modern hybrids, the high is very pleasant and has a relaxing effect on body and mind.
I ended up reaching for the SAD bag quite often and am currently looking forward to the next harvest so I can restock it ;)
Still got 2 seeds left from the 3+1 pack and they will be definitely grown.
(09.08.2019, 22:30)

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