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Nepalese Watermelon Haze
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I had the privilege of visiting a private home garden today where some of my seeds are being trialed this summer. Here’s one I thought was really beautiful.

The parents are both vigorous Sativa types. The male was an heirloom Nepalese ‘watermelon’ hash plant which I crossed into a very productive Haze female selection.

This plant was about 7 feet in height, very straight and tall. The plant was covered in a profusion of pink and purple flower heads, the colors of which were as beautiful as any ornamental flower I’ve seen.

The coloration comes entirely from the flowering parts; the pistils are a brilliant scarlet color, where the calyxes are a deep violet. None of the foliage has shown any secondary colors, but this will likely change as the overnight temps dip into the 402s and lower.

Here is a cutting from the plant in the picture above that was rooted and flowered indoors. While it is still several weeks away from finishing, you can see better the structure of the flower heads.

Interesting to note that these lack the brilliant pigmentation in the pistils seen in the outdoor plant.

These plants were harvested a couple of weeks ago during our first snow of the season. I’ve since had a chance to sample the dried flowers.

My first impression was just how purple this material is. The fragrance is delicious and complex, both sweet and acrid at the same time. There is a strong scent of hyssop flowers and root beer with a sharp note of ‘Krazy Glue’ (cyanoacrylate).

The effects were very stimulating and clear-headed. Conversations seemed to flow and feelings of empathy and general well being settled in over me as an added bonus.

It’s definitely in the Sativa class, strong and motivating, but without that anxiety elevating component found in some of the heavier Haze hybrids. Nice, functional daytime herb.

Genetics: Nepalese Watermelon Hash Plant x Haze

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