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Informations de l'éleveur

Chocolope Musk (Aka: Dankus) est une variété mostly sativa de et peut être cultivée en l'intérieur (où les plantes femelles auront besoin d'une période de floraison de ±56 jours) et l'extérieur. Graines de Chocolope Musk de Bean Boyz Genetics est une variété à dominante THC et ne sont pas disponibles en versions féminisées.

Description de Bean Boyz Genetics Chocolope Musk

Bean Boyz Genetics Chocolope Musk This strain is the result of crossing True Blueberry and Chocolope marijuana strains. The result is an F1 hybrid cannabis that is slightly sativa dominant and can be grown whether indoor or outdoor. It is a strong and versatile weed plant that can be grown even by beginners as long as the basic of marijuana cultivation is followed. It grows a bit tall indicative of its sativa leaning and the plant is shaped like a Christmas tree when fully grown. Flowering time for this F1 hybrid can be expected once it reaches 8 weeks on the average and it will grow buds with lots of THC crystals and resin extending up to its dark green coloured leaves indicating its high potency. The buds will emit a high class herbal aroma that will be carried to its taste with a musky and dank flavour.

Musk has always been a flavor that was diligently sought after by myself. It is a personal thing. To me it represented "High-Class" herb, as the taste/smell reminded me of an "Up-Town Girl"... (ladies do'n hate on me). Like many mammals, the scent is so appealing to me, and when it is transferred in the taste, in addition to the smell, then we're talk'n DANK!

My adventure with the Blueberry strain is like many other peeps. Just the name alone is enough to drive it as one of the best all time selling strains. All newbie's want to grow "The Berry." Me too. My adventure began like this.

I took the time to introduce myself to the Boyz at Legends. I found Red and The Texas Kid very friendly, also interested in my runnings. I was asked to test some new strains from a new bean company they carry. I agreed, I also asked for some genetics to work with, some True BlueBerry, as it was in my eyes a better starting point then simply Blueberry.

I received two packs (one bought, one gifted) and began my searching for a male. It has been two years now. To be absolutely honest, to date, I've yet to find the "blueberry taste" that is so talked about. Nope. Some were close, and very very purple, smelling like the sweetest fruit when still growing. That taste is sadly not there when cured. Let me make this clear, in the two packs of 10 True Blueberry, I found no Pheno type that carried the blueberry taste. What I did find was MUSK!! And how sweet it is. (I did discover my two impressive True Blueberry males, and used them in my projects last season.)

I've simple called the beans I'd found in the TBB, "Dank" that appeared from time to time in the buds of the TBB I'd grown. After smoking and collecting 30 or so, I decided when I had time to see what they produced. The mother plant that produced the most interesting expressions (when flowering/ smoking) was one that had no real Fruity smell, or, a purple hue when growing. It was simply marked, "TBB", , and I have to go with what I write when labeling the plants. The herb she produced was so musky when curing, happily that taste was transferred into her sticky buds. In this special female I found maybe 15 beans in 4 ozs. All 15 were germinated, with 95% popping in 3 dayz. Great so far. Then the work begins. The time and troubles to define one plant from another is slow and many times not rewarding. To observe and overlay it against everything has come before. One plant just stood out so much from all the rest it was sick. Right away she distinguished herself with her super wide leaves, trouble free growing.

Aucune description française bon jusqu'à maintenant!

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