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CBD Pupil V1

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Informations de l'éleveur

CBD Pupil V1 est une variété mostly sativa de et peut être cultivée en l'intérieur (où les plantes femelles auront besoin d'une période de floraison de ±60 jours), l'extérieur et en serre. Graines de CBD Pupil V1 de MassMedicalStrains est une Variété CBD avec le même montant de THC et de CBD et sont / étaient uniquement disponibles en versions féminisées.

Description de MassMedicalStrains CBD Pupil V1

MassMedicalStrains CBD Pupil V1 CBD-Rich cannabis is incredible medicine with loads of benefits! It has many applications and can provide additional relief compared to THC alone, especially when in combination. There are many great cbd rich strains out there, mostly designed for extraction. Personally, I find most of them to be unsmokable, with just a few specific rarer types being very enjoyable to smoke! So I set out to create a cbd-enhanced hybrid which is potent and enjoyable in its smokeable form, with totally unbelievable terpenes and a soaring sativa effect. The CBD takes the edge off just enough to save you from any possibly anxiety, but the effects are surprisingly potent.

The v1 cbd pupil is fantastic. The plants have varying ratios of cbd, which is important to experience when getting to know the cbd vibe. Every person’s body chemistry is unique, and we will each have different preferences. Some like high thc with low to moderate cbd, some like a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio (my favorite cbd rich smokes personally) and some like high cbd with lower thc. All of these types are present in the cbd pupil v1 feminized seeds. This is so that you can find the specific plant that vibes with you and your symptoms or preferences the most. I’ve seen 3 main phenotypes: 11% thc : 11% cbd (my favorite), 3% thc : 10% cbd (effects are stronger than you’d think surprisingly!) and a low cbd, high thc phenotype with 24-26% thc with soaring full sativa effect.

All of these phenotypes are stable for the same terpene profile: extreme lacquer lemon citrus haze! The taste is insane, like a classic amsterdam style haze, with a sour candy skittles finish on the exhale! You can expect loads of frost, and about a 50/50 mix of purple or green phenotypes. Buds are very gooey and yields are high!

This bud is extremely high quality, and many would not guess there was cbd present if you didn’t tell them. However, the enhanced cbd content is extremely medicinal: anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and much more. It takes the edge off the extreme sativa headspace, but pretty much still allows you to feel it. This is one of the most euphoric cbd smokes I have ever had! Some research suggests that cbd presence in addition to thc can actually prolong the onset and duration of the high.

The lineage is a fantastic cross of Y Griega CBD and Star Pupil. Y Griega is an award winning spanish cross of Amnesia Haze and Kali Mist, two sativa strains with a special place in my heart! They crossed it with an unknown cbd rich plant from cbd crew, and I selected the most potent, stable, terpy, and enjoyable 1:1 phenotype from this cross. I then crossed that mother with my Star Pupil which adds more color, stronger branches, and some unique pupil euphoric headspace that so many of you know and love!

This cross is limited to only 80 total packs. It’s kind of a step in a bigger project, as I do plan to stabilize the 1:1 purple phenotypes in future work. I think the variable ratios in this seed version is really special though, as everyone has different plants which they favor, so here’s your chance to try them all! This medicine is also a fantastic choice to make topicals, oils, edibles, and much more. Mixing phenotypes to get the best of all worlds is fantastic for these extractions and various medicinal preparations. Don’t forget to save the top buds for smoke though, they will really surprise you!

This is also a great option for people with family members who may be intimidated by a high thc smoke, because the cbd really helps curb the potential anxiety. However, start very small with dosages, I did create these with effect in mind and the smoke is a lot more potent than many cbd strains (most of which are dominant in myrcene and not necessarily selected for euphoric effects). The haze genes as well as the pupil really shine in these and it can have some surprisingly enjoyable intensity!

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Galerie de CBD Pupil V1

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