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Nom: BlackJack
Eleveur: Sativa Seedbank
Lieu: intérieur
Type: mostly sativa
Floraison: ~77 jours
également disponible féminisée.

Sativa Seedbank - BlackJack

Blackjack’s mother is a clone sent to Holland from the Seattle area called Black Domino and the father is Nirvana’s Jock Horror. The Buds produced by Blackjack are hard with huge grape like calyxes covered with THC. The smoke is heavy and full of flavor terpenoids. The high is very long lasting. Blackjack is highly regarded in the Medical scene.

Height: medium
Effect: All-round effect
THC-Content: strong; 15 bis 24%
Flowering weeks: 11 or fewer weeks
Yield (S.O.G.): 450 to 550g
Difficulty: moderate

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Connu des Phénotypes:
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1.: petite, compact, indica-dominante Phénotype #2
2.: long, tendu, floraison lentement, sativa-dominante Phénotype #1

Pour cette strain nous avons eu d'entrée de 2 utilisateur(s). Voici un bref aperçu:

Floraison d'intérieur: 55 - 75 jours (~65 jours)
Rendement / Quantité Indoor: La récolte de cette souche est très haut.
Impression Générale Indoor: est tous ensemble tres bon et tout à fait recommandable.
Votes de nos utilisateurs: BlackJack obtenir 7.75 des 10 points possibles à la moyenne!

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User-Commentaires à propos de cette variété:

à 28.10.2013, 02:08:Ce commentaire est connecté à un Profil de Plante!

Seed germinated easily via the paper towel method then inserted into a top-fed DWC hydroponics setup under a 600W light. Plant was topped 3 times in the vegetative stage, leaving 8 main colas. The BlackJack plant responded to training like a champ.

After changing light schedule to 12-12 for the flowering stage, the plant stretched quite a bit, though responded well to supercropping. She seems to be a slow starter in flowering. At first I was disappointed because the buds seemed to be very thin and forming slowly. By the end of flowering stage, I realized that they had fattened up considerably, and due to the stretch, the 8 main colas were nearly a foot long. The long colas had more fan leaves than normal, and at first they sort of hid how big the buds were getting.

She was sensitive to high levels of nutrients and got nute burned until I nearly halved my normal level of nutrients. Once given lower levels of nutrients, she started sparkling right up. Trichomes everywhere - all over the sugar leaves, under the leaves, and all along the stems. I»ve never seen a plant so frosty.

The buds are quite a bit thinner than some of the other big producing plants, but are consistent and well formed which made them easy to dry/cure. Buds have a very nice smell to them, almost flowery, not skunky at all, and buds were described as cerebral and anti-anxiety, no paranoia. Has been very popular as a day strain. Overall I«m very impressed, and would definitely grow this strain again.

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à 06.11.2009, 22:42:

In my opinion this strain is not very stable. Out of the 10 seeds I received, only 7 germinated. Out of those 7, 6 survived through vegetative. When flowered 5 of those 6 turned out to be male. The only one remaining showed pistils, however about 3 weeks in, male flowers developed as well. So out of 6 plants, 5 were male and one was a hermaphrodite. Very disappointed with this strain, I was expecting world class medicinal marijuana, and ended up with shoddy genetics. The hermaphrodite for the sake of having bud I grew out. The buds looked very much like Black Domina, however the potency was just not there. Knowing the plants parents, Black Domina and Jock Horror, I would say this plant has a lot of potential, but you may need more than 10 seeds to find that good mother.

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