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Nom: The Big Cheese
Eleveur: Goldenseed
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: mostly sativa
Floraison: ~60 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Goldenseed - The Big Cheese

The Big Cheese is a very unique plant, until now, available in its clone form, we at Goldenseed.nl have crossed Sensi Seeds Big Bud male and Seedism Cheese-Wreck female to create this superbly balanced strain, with the yeild of Big Bud and the power of Cheese-Wreck. There are a few versions of the (UK) Cheese around, as well as some IBL versions of the infamous Arcata Trainwreck. Both known for their unique smell and taste, as well as their intense potency.
The Big Cheese is a perfect union between these two strains, a lot of flavor with an unexpected strong psychoactive effect that will last for many hours after consumption.
Goldenseed.nl Big Cheese will elevate you to heights you never thought possible, with her dominant Sativa influences the Big Cheese is definitely a very trippy smoke with the extremely long lasting couch lock from the original Trainwreck The first Big Bud was a sturdy Afghanica infused with Skunk genes — a hybrid possessing unusual vigour and unexpected, record-breaking production. Distributed in clone form, Big Bud quickly became a popular commercial strain. When those original clones made it to Holland, they gave rise to several stable seed-strains, including a back-cross with Skunk #1 and a very popular hybrid of 75%BB-25%NL#1. Big Bud’s stems are thick and sturdy, yet the masses of giant, sweet, sparkling buds they produce can grow heavy enough to bend and even snap them, so the most promising branches should be supported with string or tensioned wire super huge buds with lots of resin. Enormous production remains the central feature of the Big Bud/Cheese-Wreck seed-strains.

Genetics: Big Bud x Cheese-Wreck
Variety: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Effect: Powerful high and rather special cheese taste
Potency: 10+ out of 10
Yield: 3/4 ounces
Stature: Average high
Phenotype: 60% Sativa : 40% Indica
Indoor: 55 to 65 days Outdoor: Mid October
Characteristics: Classic Cheese aroma


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