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Nom: Riot's OG Kush
Eleveur: Riot Seeds
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur, serre
Type: indica/sativa
Floraison: ~53 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Riot Seeds - Riot's OG Kush

Where to start with this champion... I wanted to make a faster blooming, much easier to grow version of the Original OG that had tighter and harder nugs with a bit more power. With that goal I decided to run a bunch of the Original OG S1's and select for the best looking Indica phenotype from that plant. After having found the perfect motherplant for this project (you can see pictures of the mother on this page, it's the last 3 images) I decided on a Chitral Kush father. I wanted to keep this OG green so I selected my most frosty and powerful green pheno of Chitral Kush (these came from 2 packs of Ace Seeds Pakistani Chitrali) as the father and the RIOT OG KUSH was born! I've had many OG hyrbids and S1's and this is the first project that I want my name stamped on. These are VERY VERY VERY limited, so don't be surprised when they don't last long. Expect above average yields and a strong pungent acridy OG smell and taste.

Flowering Time: 7-8 Weeks, mostly 7.5
Genetics: Indica Selection from Original OG Kush S1's x Ace Seeds Pakistani Chitrali
Medical Properties: Anti Anxiety, Depression

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Floraison d'intérieur: 52 - 60 jours (~56 jours)
Rendement / Quantité Indoor: La récolte de cette souche est fou et absolument top.
Impression Générale Indoor: est tous ensemble tres bon et tout à fait recommandable.
Puissance / Effet durable: La Marihuana affecte très forte et de longue durée.
Votes de nos utilisateurs: Riot's OG Kush obtenir 9.00 des 10 points possibles à la moyenne!

Lignée / Génétique

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User-Commentaires à propos de cette variété:

à 14.11.2012, 05:18:

The Riot OG is perfect head stash, for the daily burner... It grows big and sticky in 7.5 weeks, and delivers a uniquely acrid and floral OG...that comes on strong. Good for day or night time use.... Has a bit of everything. This girl is very vigorous, easy to clone, but can also be sensitive to dehydration in hydro setups. A true original OG... No Sour D, or Lemon Larry hints in this one... May not have the overpowering, smelly bag appeal of some mainstream OG hybrids... but this plant delivers HUGE frosty, blonde buds that break up into piles of pleasure... A blunt rollers dream... Thanks Matt!

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