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Prana Skunk
Prana Seeds
intérieur, extérieur
~63 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

The Prana Skunk is a very stable homogenous plant that is a pleasure to grow. she grows with a luminous green colour, and becomes a shrub very quickly.

Taking cuttings off this plant rewards you with fast rooting vigorous clones due top the indian skunk influence. This plant is a heavy feeder and reacts very well to super cropping.

Due to the indian mother you will find the Prana Skunk to be very pest resistant, allowing the skunk father to show more prevalence in growth pattern, making this a great breeding block for anyone that suffers from pest problems.

Be prepared to let her flower for up to 10 weeks in order for this lady to produce the old school flavours and original bud structures.

Outdoors she will grow up to nine feet due to strong growth throughout the lifecycle.

The buds off the Prana Skunk produce an extremely cerebral high that lasts and lasts, with flavours that express overtones of a sweet skunky caramel.

Excellent for anxiety, depression and low appetite. Edibles taste as wonderful as the buds smell.

Genetics: Indian Skunk x Skunk
Flowering Time: 63 days
Plant Height: 140cm
Yield 400 g/m2

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