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Informations de l'éleveur

OGK Knuckle Draggerz est une variété mostly sativa de et peut être cultivée en l'intérieur (où les plantes femelles auront besoin d'une période de floraison de ±63 jours) et l'extérieur. Graines de OGK Knuckle Draggerz de Bean Boyz Genetics est une variété à dominante THC et ne sont pas disponibles en versions féminisées.

Description de Bean Boyz Genetics OGK Knuckle Draggerz

Bean Boyz Genetics OGK Knuckle Draggerz The crossing of Deadhead OGK and Ultra Chem SFV resulted in what is now popularly known in cannabis circles as OGK Knuckle Draggerz. This is a strong and versatile weed plant with excellent genetic line that can be grown indoor and outdoor. Its slightly sativa dominant strain will make it grow tall if not checked but it is easy to grow and even a beginner who knows the basic of marijuana cultivation can handle this ganja variety. Flowering time is expected once it reaches 8 weeks from the moment it enters vegetation and it will grow buds that are dense and compact with an appealing colour that has lots of THC crystals and super high resin production. The yield is just about average and the effect when smoked is a good combination of its sativa and indica properties with an excellent clear-headed cerebral high that will finish off with a relaxing effect for a few hours depending on the smoker’s tolerance level.

BBG's "O.G. Knuckle Draggerz" is a special strain I've recently created. It combines two mind twist'n strains, whom on their own are a huge deal if you are seeking super strains to examine. I'm always hard pressed to find the strongest, most powerful, mouth slobbering, nose running, eyes tearing pheno types in the strains I work with. This is JOB ONE at BBG.

What happens if you cross this one with that one? Or, reverse the crossing, then what happens? Does the male offer more than the female? If so, what? Maybe it's the female that bring the expressions that we seek when we cross strains? Some of one, some of the other? Only by crossing these strains will those questions be answered in a real world experience. If you believe that the male brings the stature and the expressions that are sought, then what about Fem beans that have no male influence? No males were using in the crossings as there were no "crossings" in the production of Fem Beanz, right? This goes round and round, with no real answer except your own perceptions of this whole breeding experience. I have mine. I've grown Fems, compared what is grown along side Regs. This become more visceral the more you go! The final point is to try and create the most powerful strains we can imagine , that take risks. A breeder must be a risk taker that plays GOD !

The Mamma: I chose my "Ultra ChemDawg SFV", as it has proven to be a great starting point in the past. The "SFV" stands for San Fernando Valley, and has a history of being some of the dankest herb around. There's so much confusion about these Chem strains... including creation myths spread on the Canna sites. I've posted a history on the BBG site of the creation of The Dawg, offered by JJNYC some time ago. If you read it, you will laugh! What the fuck!

I received my Ultra from a friend from the web. I trust his judgments concerning quality dank, as he grows some of the best Sativa around, except for perhaps Sonic. When I grew it out it was all one could ask for IF you wanted to be satisfied with a 7.5 on a 10, then this was already there. I'm not. Never will be.

The Holy Grail in smoke hasn't been found by me thus far... but have come close in smoking some. Maybe I'll never be able to get there growing in NAmerica, as the best herbs ever smoked have been near the equator. The Thai Sticks grown in the highlands were my favorite. I can still taste that "Thai" sweet 'n strong while smoking a small hit in a bamboo bong. Then, when we became more bold, a whole reef rolled of it, YUMMM YUMMM ! Then there's the Hawaiian of the late 70's early 80's. Let no one bullshit you... herb such of that quality cannot be grown here in NAmerica, or Europe. You must go there. It is still grown there with Miracle Grow by the way! I have several friends still at it hard there. They grow some of the most insane herb in the world, bar none! NONE. "The Boom", smoked for several years down Jamaica way is another one that is a 9 on a 10 point. Will the allusive 10 ever be reached? Some will say, "Bro, you need to get out more!" Maybe so. Probably so. In the defense of NAmerican grown herb, I would offer that I have smoked some incredible herb, really decent herb, and believe that many of the strains that I create are right in there with the best of them and better than most of them. The best herb grown in NAmerica that I've ever smoked wasn't from a strain from me, or any of the best breeders around today (I've grown over 90+ strains in jess three years), so I might know. It came from a group of 50 clones we ran up on one day while going to our "project"... it was a 9 on a 10 point. The next day we returned to check it out better, it was all stolen with only 8 plants left forgotten on the ground. The smoke was other-worldly in flavor, resin production. The Ultra is a 7.5, and I'm being as honest as possible here. And why I seek to design strains that will achieve a strong 8.5, or even a 9 , there is no real 10. How could there be? Things are very subjective here with the appraisals of herb. Experience is the best teacher. But like fucking, everyone is an expert!!

The Pappa : What could be tastier than Ocean Grown Kush? Not to mention the hit'n power! I love the way the buds get all frosty with resins, and begin to throw off that sour smell. Unbelievable. I'm going with my trusty Deadhead OGK male that has been with me for a year now. He, my Lemon Stomper (whom puts out male beanz!!), and my Burmese "Mister B" are my most valuable plants. Males are the key to any breeding effort, like primary colors to an artist. Loads of work went into creating the Deadhead OGK by the Cali crew, if they did a good job, then choosing a decent male could/should be done in 2 pacs of regs. I got very lucky with me Deadhead, or feel I am. I put him to work bring'n all has got. So, let's get sprout'n, see what he has thrown... life is about the search, not the rest stops.

Male: "Deadhead OGK"(Skunk Va X SFV OGK F-4)
Female: "Ultra Chem SFV"(unknown)
Weight: 4-8 ozs, depending on skills, luck, karma
THC: Higher, super high resin
Scent/taste: Sour/sweet in ,,chem/fuely out
Bud Density: 8 on a 10 , , Nice tight, great bag appeal
Flowering: 8-10 weeks, DOP (Depending on Pheno)
Sativa/Indica: 60/40

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