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Gorilla Biscuit IX

Gorilla Biscuit IX (Seeds of Compassion) :: Recension de la Variété :: Indoor

Profil d'Plante Gorilla Biscuit IX (de Seeds of Compassion)

Cette Profil d'Plante est une expression individuelle par , transféré à la 07.10.2018.

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Comportement de croissance
De pousses latérales
anombre moyen; légèrement en dessous de la moyenne long ainsi que en dessous de la moyenne forte.
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...devraient être soutenus dans la période de floraison.

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Gorilla Biscuit IX (Seeds of Compassion)

est tous ensemble il ya beaucoup plus de variétés
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Information Additionnelle

mawgwa estime

got a 10 pack of these, and due to the breeders description was pretty excited about them. 8 out of 10 were males. Of the 2 females they were both 2 of the most slowest growing scrawniest and un-vigorous plants ive ever grown. After around 4 months of growth with the biggest plant being 14 inches tall i gave them both to a friend who wanted them instead of throwing them in the compost heap. If he buds them out i will perhaps try a bowl and add a smoke report but to be honest, I wouldnt grow these loser genetics again if it was one of the worlds premier smokes, just not worth the effort when there are such good genetics easily available nowadays.
A FOLLOW UP... i did accept back one cutting from each of the two females. they vegged a bit slow but not unreasonably so. The internode spacing is probably the tightest ive ever seen. one of the girls was quite powdery mildew resistant. Yield on both was poor to average. It is a strain which seems to fight you regarding any training, and is just quite unwieldy. To be fair tho, the terpines are as advertised, the buds are very sticky, and the smoke is very good. Ive added this follow up in an attempt to be fair to the strain, but i will not however grow it again, nor do i reccomend it. its too bad really, with these genetics i expected a much better experience.
******* FURTHER UPDATE... EATING CROW...It is very important to me that info here is accurate and in keeping with that sentiment, i must add the following... A friend grew out one of the clones that i discarded. He is an outdoor only grower. Gorilla Biscuit was fantastic for him. Multiple huge sticky dense colas positively reeking of lime and gas. Cold temps that stopped other strains didnt bother it a bit. He loves it.. I believe that i received old barely able to germinate seeds, but other than that, i have to admit that this strain can be fantastic, and that my bad experience was probably at least partly my fault as a grower not giving it whatever it needed to thrive and fully express.
(24.10.2019, 23:26)