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"Funking Incredible" by Zips!/Falcon Brands 12-2022

THC: 23.03% TOTAL Cannabinoids: 23.43%

"This flower was labeled as "Funking Incredible", a name I cannot find any information on or even mentioned online (other than this product) and could be an attempt to make the legendary Indica cultivar (from VISC), Fucking Incredible a little less offensive/marketable. Unfortunately the company that produced it offers no information other than it's Indica, likely greenhouse cultivated (in California), was packaged three months ago and the (THC and Total Cannabinoid) percentages above. Major disappointment that I could rant on amount, but this isn't a review of the company/brand/corporations... After medicating with it a handful of times, I highly suspect that it's THE Fucking Incredible. The flower was very affordable (an ⅛ for less than I've seen a single gram's price) and the quality is decent, but it's far from the best F'ng Incredible I've had. Nugs appear machine-trimmed, nearly solid and not very attractive to me (some prefer those kind of nugs, just not my thing), but they are blanketed in trichomes (and produce a good amount of kief.) The aroma and taste were much more expressive and happily familiar as the Fucking Incredible I've appreciated over the years. The effects are mellower than previous experiences, but I also vaped (389°F) rather than smoked the flower, so that could be a factor. That said, the full, almost 100% body calming relief is very unique (to the F'ing Incredible cultivar re-affirming my belief this is renamed FI) and impressive in my opinion. Precisely why F'ng Incredible is one of my Top 5 Medical Cultivars. It's been too many years since I've been able to obtain any and am thankful, despite my criticisms for this batch. I just wish the brand/company would've provided terpene profile and full test results at least if not the genetics. -j.

Positive Effects include:
Pain Free

Negative Effects expierenced:
Dry Mouth

Medical Symptoms treated/relieved:
Back Pain
Acute Pain
GI Pain
Joint Pain
Muscle Tension
Chronic Pain

Medical Conditions possibly relieved/benefitted:
Alcohol Withdrawal
Gastrointestinal System Disorders
Joint Pain
Liver Disease
Lower Back Pain
Opiate Withdrawal

Noted Aroma/Flavors include:

● IMPORTANT! This is NOT medical advice and I am not licensed medical professional in any way. Simply my personal expierences, feelings, opinions and thoughts as a disabled, long-time, legal Medical Cannabis patient/activist. Peace and One Love.

Vancouver Island Seed Company Fucking Incredible

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