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Informations de l'éleveur

Durban Express est une variété à floraison automatique ruderalis/indica/sativa de et peut être cultivée en l'intérieur, l'extérieur et en serre, où les plantes femelles à autofloraison ont besoin ±80 jours du semis à la récolte. Graines de Durban Express de Brothers In Farms est une variété à dominante THC et ne sont pas disponibles en versions féminisées.

Description de Brothers In Farms Durban Express

What can I say about this strain? This is a complete representation of my passion for growing. It would not be possible, if not for the

help and support of my brothers at brothers in farms and especially Hard Liquor. The genetics that encapsulate this strain all

originated from his stockpile of seeds. He helped me out with genetics when I first started out dabbling in the creating new strains.

When I first got to BIF, you either grew something from Bucky or JAT if you wanted photoperiod and everything else was autoflower;

and the choices were limited. Right off the bat I noticed everything seemed to be indica dominant and I was not sure about

autoflowering cannabis yet. All my experiences were from photoperiod plants. After testing a couple autoflowers for HL, I was soon

hooked. I was getting 6-9 oz plants in half the time it took me in photoperiod plants. But there was still the problem, that the strains

that I wanted to grow were all photos. That’s when I made the decision to try to bring some of those photo plants to autoflowering.

Introducing Durban Express Autoflower. This is a culmination of a year and a half long project of mine to bring some of my favorites

to the autoflowering world, a combination of Durban Poison photo flowering & Trainwreck photo flowering, combined with a couple

of my early autoflowering projects. Trainwreck was the first that I pollinated with an autoflowering plant. The trainwreck was a very

bushy, very stony flower, if you are a stoner from the late 90’s you remember what I am talking about. The auto I paired with it was

also very bushy and had a similar terp profile: piney, earthy, with a hint of citrus. Later I grew the Durban and this plant was

amazing but very wild. She was hard to contain in my tent. But the one distinction that I noticed from the mother was the incredible

fruity smell that emanated from her. She smelled almost like cotton candy and limes! It was the best smelling plant I’ve ever

encountered. The auto I chose for her was a lower profile auto with huge dense colas, with the intention of controlling her size a

little bit.

After a brief break from autoflowers and flowering some of my photo plants that were

waiting to be attended to, I started sprouting some of these photo and auto seeds I had

floating around. The parents that I decided on were two incredibly bushy, midsize plants.

The mother (the Durban cross) smelled very sweet, not that cotton candy smell from before,

but very sweet with a very skunky undertone. The male was about 4 foot tall and almost as

wide with no training ever done to it, a perfect bush. You could smell a very musky sent coming

from the stem rub and its trunk was gigantic for the size of the plant. From these parents I got

my first-generation Durban Express Autos, but just a few. Everything else was still being

dominated from the photo gene. I tossed all of those and just focused on those first autos I found.

Through a selection process, I again selected the bushiest plants for breeding. Which is where we stand now, Durban Express Auto


These plants are true F2’s. Similar to the Durban from the beginning, they are wild in their own way. There are tall, medium, and

short phenos, sativa leaning and indica leaning phenos; all have been amazing. One thing that I have noticed to be consistent is

dense thick buds. All these girls will produce for you. The highs will vary, but all are very potent. From reports by a few of the

testers, the rosin when pressed is very potent and you get a decent return. She will not disappoint you. Grow times vary between

the phenos but they all seem to fall between 85-100 days with on average 20-30% amber trichs. Terps have ranged from skunk,

peppery, earthy, limes and fruits; even had a report of cotton candy popping out in one of the phenos. Yields range between 3 1⁄2 oz to

over 1⁄2 lb.

I plan to carry this line to its full potential in later generations and explore the possibility of a couple different lines developing from

a few distinct phenos. I hope you enjoy this powerful mix as much as I have.

Breeder Description and Cultivation Considerations:

Our growers tested out this strain in various mediums, pot sizes and nutrient regiments: (1) 70/30 Coco/Perlite, amended Promix,

Coco for mediums; (2) Maxi Grow + Maxi Bloom + FF Beastie Bloomz, MegaCrop 1 part + Sweet Candy + Coconut Powder +

Blackstrap Molassas, Masterblend for nutrient regimens; (3) 1g fabric, 2g fabric, 3g fabric for pot sizes. LST and super cropping

were all utilized as training methods. This strain is a bit sensitive to nutrients, often you can run nutrients at lower strength than

your usual regimen. No real need for a lot of training as plant branches nicely; all that is usually needed is proper defoliation throughout the grow.

Breeder: Jay

Genetic Heritage: (Durban Poison x Ruderalis) x (Trainwreck x Ruderalis) F2

Seed Type: Regular Autoflower

Indica / Sativa: Hybrid with one pheno heavily indica leaning

Cycle Time: Approximately 80-100 days from seed

Height: Varies from small to large

Yield: 3oz - 6oz per plant

Terpene Profile: Overripe key lime, earthy funky cheese, spicy/peppery, black licorice,

skunky, sugary cotton candy

Effect: The tall pheno smoke has a hybrid feel to it; equal body and head high. The high starts

with uplifting vibes and euphoria that ends in a warming body high excellent for relaxation.

The shorter pheno gets you completely stuck - not in a bad way either; a lethargic lazy indica high.

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