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Nom: Celestial Temple Sativa
Eleveur: Federation Seeds
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: sativa
Floraison: ~70 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Federation Seed Company - Celestial Temple Sativa

The Celestial Temple Sativa (CTS) is from the area between the coast and the Andes mountains in Ecuador, an area where you find the huge banana plantations and other agricultural productions. Along the coast, daytime average high temperatures range from 84 F (29 C) to 91 F (33 C), with nightime lows going from 68 F (20 C) to 74 F (24 C), making CTS an extremely good producing 10 week sativa that's mold and mildew resistant. Long dark jagged leaves with densly packed pinky pistills and a great calyx to leaf ratio makes trimming a breeze and a pleasure. Known in the medical community as being an extreme sativa without the extreme flowering period, the CTS has a ceilingless soaring high that will raise your your heartbeat and quicken your pace. With a tropical citrus flavour and more bounce to the ounce. CTS is a great strain for an active lifestyle.

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