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Animal Cookies (B.C. Bud Depot) :: Recension de la Variété :: Indoor :: No.46616223236649085 by mgpawn

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Animal Cookies (B.C. Bud Depot)

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mgpawn estime

I have literally been unable to find anyone who successfully grew this seed. I personally had 9 of 9 germinated seedlings die on me very mysteriously and later found that everyone who attempts to grow this strain has the same problem or they hermie or just don»t germinate to begin with. This is very suspicious, but not suprising given Bogus Crooked Bud Depots history of shady actions.

It is very unfortunate that BCBD have a history of straight up robbing their customers or supply them with phony seeds or just plain unviable seeds. I«d really like to see someone who successfully completed an animal cookies grow.

EDit update 10/7/2014

Well I was able to aquire viable animal cookie seeds and the strain is a hermie monster. I don't think BCBD is DEA like that other guy is suggesting, but they certainly do seem prone to hermie and fill up with seeds. Some pheno are spicy gross tasting and have a mild high at best, very little resin and I'm not sure that the genetics are even what they say. certainly have no legit GSC in them. I'd believe that Monsanto is trying to spread hermie or their RNA interruption technology before the DEA. Monsanto is actually trying to control all of cannabis genetics as of recently and if you know who Monsanto is then you know the shady tactics they use to get what they want.
(10.07.2014, 15:02)