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Oregon Green Seed
Afghani/Black Domina Hybrid

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Informations officielles / notions de base sur le Afghani/Black Domina Hybrid de Oregon Green Seed

Afghani/Black Domina Hybrid
Oregon Green Seed
intérieur, extérieur
mostly indica
~63 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Indica dominant

Flowering Period: ~60-65 days indoors

Harvest outdoors by last week of September

Height: medium – tall

Yield: medium

low odor when growing

Potency: High, potent, medicinal qualities

Easy grower with good mold resistance. Strong branching, open structure. Would be a super candidate for SCROG. Will perform nicely topped or untopped. Very desireable bud structure and density. High calyx to leaf ratio (easier trimming). Very flavorful with a lovely aroma when cured. More Indica in effect, good for relaxing, with medicinal qualities.

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Oregon Green Seed Afghani/Black Domina HybridOregon Green Seed Afghani/Black Domina Hybrid

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