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1 Variété de Cannabis

Nom de la Strain Indica ou Sativa? Intérieur ou extérieur? Temps de floraison (jours) Féminisées? Buy-Bar: Shop-Checker Calificación del usuario
Slurrbert mostly indica Indoor, Outdoor 63

More info about this breeder:

Head breeder of is a ontario
Born cannabis breeder,started growing cannabis In 2010, and took on breeding in late 2016, his goal was to bring together old genetics and the new elite strains (wedding cakes, gelatos).
in partnership with a longtime friend opened the breyandjonesseed bank decided
To take the next step and make his genetics available
For retail, best known for his work with the slurricane strain.
Jonesbrey carefully selected a slurricane keeper pheno than got to work, crossing the beauty with a sunset sherbert strain creating the ever sought after slurrbert strain, slurrbert f1s
Were released in the fall of 2017 and sold out within the year,
Upon the success of this strain, jonesbrey decided to continue work with this phenotype and created its sister strain Hawaiian blurricane ( crossing his slurricane with a blue hawain clone only gifted by happyroadseeds project) since then the team at breyAndjonesseeds has been hard at work and have released limited strains with their name on them such as , firecrotch, frozen meat sorbet and queens cake.