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Ici vous pouvez trouver toutes les informations sur l'éleveur de cannabis Humboldt Seed Company. Nous avons collecté des informations sur 47 Variétés de Cannabis de race par Humboldt Seed Company. Cliquez sur les noms pour trouver plus d'informations, photos, critiques, comparaisons et sources pour une variété - et / ou consultez les Informations sur les Éleveurs ici sur la page pour en savoir plus sur Humboldt Seed Company. Il est également possible de visualiser toutes les variétés de Humboldt Seed Company avec tous leurs parents ou hybrides avec nos cartes dynamiques - jetez-y un coup d'oeil!

More info about this breeder:

At Humboldt Seed Company, we are committed to breeding stable cannabis seeds that don’t come with the problems created by breeding shortcuts, lack of research, and not vetting broodstock or even progeny. You can rest assured that our team of very experienced cannabis farmers and scientists have spent years selecting, researching and vetting each strain before the stabilization process even begins.

Our dedication to specialized Cannabis and Hemp Breeding Programs produce some of the most amazing strains found anyplace in the world. Established in 2001 and proudly located in Humboldt County, California, we have the perfect growing conditions to cultivate and propagate our unique seed products.

Our regular seed is usually 60% female and unbelievable healthy, we grow 100% regular seed when we do flower production runs on our farm. We understand the need for feminized seeds and we have spent the last two years working with our University of California genomics and breeding consultant team to develop our proprietary method of breeding feminized seeds.