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med patient growing legally as a hobby and wanting to start breeding some subcool , DNA, Rare Dankness and other fine genetics I like and maybe one day list some super uber dank hybrids of my own here.

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Been growing for 5 years on and off. I use three 400watt HPS & MH lights, a 250watt HPS for areas not getting ample light, two 1000 HPS and a 600watt MH/HPS most are run on switchable ballasts for MH/HPS. Also for seedlings and clones I have 9 t-5 fluorescent hanging or set on top of moisture domes. Most of my reflectors are hooked to 8" ducting with a inline fan or squirt fan except for an umbrella reflector I use in a cool room for mother plants (400 watt MH w/galaxy ballasts 24/7). On my 6th grow now in bloom. I have a vacant house I use with window units , fans, air purifiers and dehumidifires since I live in a humid and hot area. Use Mylar white and silver for reelection. I grow in organic soil, aeroponic tub systems I made and a 4' drain pipe with1/4" PVC run through the drain pipe and built into the aeroponic tubs that hold the sprayers. In the drainage pipes I don't use the sprayers just drill 1/16th or tiny holes in the 1/4" pvc ran through the 4' pipe hooked up with a 3/4" whose to my submersible water pumps and air pumps. I try many types of systems but always end up back with this set up bcuz I like it. Some plants do better in organic soil so I use 10-15 gallon pots for mothers and 5-7 gallon for the rest. Nutrients I use: started with Botnicare grow and bloom with cal-mag and sweet(citrus flav.) still use it on some but tried a few and have settled on fox farms products except for flushing I still use clearex by Botnicare because I still have a bunch. Clonex I like best for cloning the spray and gel together works wonders IMO. just really learning what strains I like to grow best no breeding yet but planning on it next grow. That's the jist of it.

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Only tried males and one female outdoors so far with no success because of the humidity and heat and preferring indoors but will try an African strain durian poison this fall and see how good my outdoor growing skills are exactly. Lol

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