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Informations de l'éleveur

Zamaldelica Express est une variété à floraison automatique ruderalis/sativa de et peut être cultivée en l'intérieur, l'extérieur et en serre, où les plantes femelles à autofloraison ont besoin ±75 jours du semis à la récolte. Graines de Zamaldelica Express de Night Owl Seeds sont / étaient uniquement disponibles en versions féminisées.

Description de Night Owl Seeds Zamaldelica Express

Night Owl Seeds Zamaldelica Express Project Background:

Started in 2015, Zamaldelica Express has been an epic labor of love with the end goal of creating the most significant sativa autoflower that the world has ever seen!

Using the legendary Ace Seeds Zamaldelica photoperiod and Fantasmo Express (our autoflowering version of Ghost Train Haze) as the auto donor, this brand new autoflower is sure to please the most discerning of sativa lovers!

Selected for her incredible vigor, quick flowering time, complex terpene profile, and euphoric effects the Zamaldelica mother set the bar high for future line work.

The F1 generation provided plenty of outstanding Zamaldelica expressions to work from, ranging in flower structures and terpene profiles. Some had a tighter, modern hybrid flower formation while others were extremely loose and airy. My favorite was right in the middle. Not the tightest of flowers, but by no means airy and off-putting. She had enough bag appeal to grab your attention, and the potent sweet smell to keep it. The male used in this generation had extremely soft, velvety feeling leaves, tighter flower formations, and a fuzzy stem that put out a watermelon candy scented oil when rubbed.

The F2 were a blast to grow and smoke. A few recessive purple flowers popped up in this generation and were isolated for a future line of their own, but my focus was on the green ladies. This generation seemed to be even frostier than the F1, with more colorful fades, and an abundance of delicious smells that could be mistaken for tropical air fresheners. Raspberry, cantaloupe, cherry, mango, papaya, apple, watermelon, and pear all wrapped up in one with no start or end point for each. A continuous flow of flavors that has to be experienced to be understood. From this lot I selected my favorite of the autoflowering plants for their terpene complexity, slightly tighter floral structures, overall size, and time to finish.

The F3 full auto generation is where she really got exciting. Each of the qualities that I wanted carried over from the Zamaldelica was present and excelling in auto format. They have carried on their vigor, growing to over four feet with a transplant and not missing a beat. In restrictive potting (0.5 gallon) she reached well over two feet! The resin coverage and style was just like the selected mother of the cross, short stalked trichomes crammed together and chock full of overwhelming tropical flavored oils. The effects are everything you would want from a proper sativa: uplifting, euphoric, energetic, and full of love. It is a perfect day time, summer time, anytime you want to feel good type of smoke that will compliment any activity while keeping you clear headed enough to tackle the most challenging of mental and physical tasks. The only time that Zamaldelica Express can be less than helpful is when sleep is needed. Too much of her and you'll counting sheep well into the thousands.

This is the truest landrace sativa autoflower that has ever been created. Zamaldelica Express has had the work and time put in to remove the headaches commonly associated with such involved landrace sativa projects. Each generation was meticulously monitored for hermaphroditic tendencies. If anything questionable popped up that plant was immediately removed from evaluation. She can handle nutrients in autoflower format better than she could as a photoperiod. The common notion that landrace based plants can't handle a full feed should be taken lightly when growing Zamaldelica Express. I haven't pushed her to her absolute limits, but so far she has handled everything that has been thrown at her. The airy structure associated with most landrace based sativa varieties can also be a turn off to those that judge quality on looks, so I worked to find a nice middle ground between the landrace and modern hybrid style flowers.

I could not be more pleased with how she has turned out, and I look forward to sharing the joy she brings with you!


Generation: F4 Autoflower
Height: Up to 4.5 Feet
Flavor: Tropical, Floral, Fruit Basket of Melons, Red Berries, and Citrus
Yield: 2-4 Ounces
Harvest Time: 75-85 Days from Sprout

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