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Nom: Xtreme Kush
Eleveur: Xtreme Seeds
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur, serre
Type: mostly indica
Floraison: ~70 jours
Uniquement disponible féminisée.

Xtreme Seeds Co. - Xtreme Kush

It was thanks to a selection made by the team of Xtreme Seeds Cannabis Co. starting from seeds selected from the extinct Old Dream Genetics, a seed bank craftsman and the result of collaboration between great Cannabis Growers. Both parents of this legendary crossing were obtained from the first auction of genetic inter-cannabis forums around the year 2006 and quickly became obvious the quality of genetics and its great hybrid vigor.

From the beginning we were surprised by their great medical power, vigor, great production and balanced flavor coffee and fruity Bubba Kush. All team Xtreme Seeds CC, we consider the plant "almost" perfect in its balance of great indica with a part of sativa what makes it probably one of the best genetics for medical use at the time. Everyone will know you are there if you go with your Xtreme Kush. Families OG be the varieties most impact will occur in the Spanish and European cannabis world in the coming years and we are working on producing this variety as seed regularly (coming soon).

Never forget your first Xtreme Kush because it is a major producer, due to the excellent branching form in flowering large and very hard buds as golf balls fat inheritance from his parental Bubba Kush. Unforgettable for its coffee and slightly spicy taste buds, reminiscent of Thai legacy that brings the Og San Fernando Valley, and especially by his strong power not suitable for beginners.

Awards: 1st Award in "hash" category in the growers tasting in X Cannabis Parade 2012
Parental: OG Kush SVF x Bubba Kush pre ‘98
Genetic: 90 % Indica, 10% Sativa
Indoor flowering: 70 days
Outdoor harvest: end octuber
Yield: 600 grs m2 indoor y hasta 1000 grs per plant outdoor
Effect: Very strong, devastating. Narcotic and medical.

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Xtreme Kush de Xtreme Seeds Co. est disponible uniquement en graines féminisées. Graines régulières ne sont pas disponibles pour le moment. Dans 4 magasins / banques de graines nous avons trouvé 9 offres entre EUR 7.00 et EUR 37.50

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