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Nom: Ultra La Chem
Eleveur: Bean Boyz Genetics
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: indica/sativa
Floraison: ~63 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Bean Boyz Genetics - Ultra La Chem

Considered as a special hybrid marijuana strain that has balanced satica and indica genetics, Ultra La Chem is the result of crossing Pepe Le Chem and Ultra Chem SFV. The result is a hybrid cannabis strain that can be grown indoor and outdoor. It grows to a medium to tall height especially if grown outdoors with enough space. This is an easy weed plant to grow and can be grown even by beginners who have good marijuana cultivation foundation. Flowering time is expected when it reaches 8 weeks on the average anticipated from the time it hits the vegetation stage. It will grow buds that are compact and dense and the average yield it gives will be compensated by buds with strong THC content. The buds will emit a skunky and fuely scent and the taste will have hint of the same with sour undertones. The effect when smoked is like having the best of sativa and indica with cerebral high and relaxing stoned.

I received some beanz years ago from a Web friend named, "Pinkus" whom was moderating for Roll It Up. He and I exchanged some of my Buddha Ballz Kush that I thought would grow excellent in the hot Texas sun, for some hot assed Chemdawg beanz. I was stoked because I firmly believe that the best herb lays in the hands of North America growers that keep mainly to THEMSELVES. I know that Pinkus is an excellent grower, respect that so much, believe in his projects, although he works mainly in Sativa... unlike Batts. What arrived were two strains of Dawg. One was called "Ultra Chem SFV" the other was a Grape Gorilla X Chem D, no name attached. I crossed the Grape Gorilla/Chem D with our Flagship strain, Buddha Ballz Kush. I still call this newly created strain, "Grape Gorilla" which I'll change soon ...maybe! The Ultra Chem and the Gorilla were grown out with impressive results. Both had the sought after Chem taste, which I haven't been able to fully describe in words. "Fuely" with a sour undertone is close. Once tasted, always remembered!

The Mamma: The "Ultra Chem SFV" is an ass kick'n Chem strain. I've seen it offered nowhere, maybe I've missed it?

There was one plant that had all the right expressions that I look for when choosing a breeding female. All the expressions must be very strong, even outstanding over all the others considered, or seen. She had this in spades. UC-SFV grew larger than I expected. She loved the full sun on her leaves all day, wiggled in the warm winds that keep her growing strong. Drank up her meals with vigor. I feed very little, and then with teas that I make, nothing else for me which saves me huge bucks and is the best way to grow in the Battcave. Teas, Free Range, lots of love and cool vibes are the way I grow in the summers. Add some Latin Jazz and them Ladies are swing'n LOL! Me too!

The Daddy: I wanted to go with another Chem hybrid, so decided to give my Pepe Le Chem his chance to prove himself again. I have the greatest confidence in his ability to throw some impressive beanz. Pepe is a combo of Chem D X MNS G13 Skunk.

I've used him in other of my strains (art work), been a real decent male. Sadly, he's since been lost to a freak accident. He'll be missed. We have his children, which is comforting, exciting to examine. Hopefully another male will appear this summer, although an F1 hybrid.

I'm hope'n for some exotic herb to search through, and feel that there'll be some to get me Dank ON LOL!

Male: Pepe Le Chem (Chem D X MNS G13 Skunk)
Female: Ultra Chem SFV
Height: med to taller, can get lanky, needs Fem, super crop'n
Weight: 2-8 ozs
THC: Strong, stronger, strongest
Scent/taste: Strong sour/fuely front taste, with slightly Skunky on the out
Bud Density: Med.
Flowering: 8-10 weeks, depending on Pheno
Sativa/Indica: 50/50

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