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Nom: Timanfaya
Eleveur: VIP Seeds
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: ruderalis/indica/sativa
Floraison: Floraison automatique
~60 jours (De la germination à la récolte.)

Uniquement disponible féminisée.

VIP Seeds - Timanfaya

This plant is a crossing of Big Devil #2 and our Russian plant this Auto autoflowering Sativa. This plant is very aromatic fruity say the best palates. The effect is strong but not for bedtime, on the contrary, is much more to go out or do something at the same tempo.

Timanfaya is one of the most productive autoflowering due to its large size and branching, reaching measure between 1m and 1.5m if planted on land directly, hence its name. Although why not take less flourish because in just 60-70 days from germination the plant is ready for harvest.

For outdoor cultivation is recommended germinate from March to August in at least 10L pots, optimizing results with pots from 20L. Timanfaya is perfect for warm places, holding up very well both excess moisture as the default because it is very resistant to fungi.

Autoflorescente and feminized variety of high stature, reaches a height of 1-1.5 m.

Very productive and aromatic resinous buds and compact with many side branches. And sweet aromas with hints of Skunk incensed.

Incensed and fruity aromas with hints Skunk.
Ideal for indoor and outdoor.

Genetics: Mostly Sativa
Original: Big Devil # 2 x auto
Indoor yield: 500 gr/m2
Outdoor yield: 50-600 grams per plant
THC content: High
Harvest inside: 60 days
Harvest outdoor:August

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