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Juan Moore

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Juan Moore
intérieur, extérieur
mostly indica
~53 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Another in our reverse hybrid series, this potent mixture brings another sweetheart of a clone together with the Mississippi marvel clone, G13. We used the 1998 Dr. Atomic's Bluberry/NL x NL (known to the holders of this strain as Trix or BNL) for the female side to create a flavorful blend of power, weight, and bag appeal. This beauty, so named for the fruity cereal smell you can get from her, is nicely done at 7-8 weeks, but can be brought to 9 weeks for a really thick cola.

The traits she brings to this cross are some very thick and upward reaching stalks, very tightly noded with well sugared leaves. She grows well in various styles of gardening, from the short quick veg times of SOG, to the boot camp training of ScrOG. She will grow well in a large bush, and you will be amazed at this girl's performance outdoors. Her high is one that inspires giggles, good memories and lasting stories. But, watch it, one hit too many and you may need a nap.

Now, keep in mind, this is another in our reversal hybrids series which means that you will be getting the best and worst that these strains have to offer. These hybrids are the first steps towards what we hope will be a fulfilling goal, for us, and for you. Juan Moore Seeds will be offering followup generations of these plants as the selections, and further crossing, occur. Hang in there and wait for greatness, or dig through with us and find your own Elite Clone.

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