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Informations de l'éleveur

The True OG est une variété indica de et peut être cultivée en l'intérieur (où les plantes femelles auront besoin d'une période de floraison de ±60 jours) et l'extérieur. Graines de The True OG de Elemental Seeds est une variété à dominante THC et sont / étaient uniquement disponibles en versions féminisées.

Description de Elemental Seeds The True OG

Elemental Seeds The True OG Kush strains can be traced back to landrace plants in Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, and Northern India. The name is derived from the Hindu Kush Mountain range and is widely considered some of the world’s oldest and strongest strains of cannabis. But you can forget all that cause we are talking about OG KUSH, a strain as heavily consumed as it is debated. The folklore surrounding the OGs and their lineage is truly a tale of Paul Bunyan proportions.

Most common belief is that the various OG cuts (Larry OG, Fire OG, SFV OG) originated from seeds found in a bags of another infamous strain, Chem Dawg 91. Chem Dawgs are also supposedly the result of finding a number of seeds in a high quality unknown strain through a connection made by a person nicknamed Chem Dawg at a Grateful Dead concert in the early 90’s. The amount of cannabis purchased and the numbers of Chem Dawg seeds that were retrieved are highly debated and written different from post to post. The OG’s are the same way, with different stories pertaining to where the strain was first acquired and who were the original people to harbor the legend. So here were are, a handful of years between some randomly found seeds resulting in the creation of some of the most sought after cannabis in the world!

So what is the OG Kush like? It has a reputation for being one of the strongest medical cannabis strains available, with a taste that is most often described as lemon cleaner or fuel. The flowers are dense, neon green and heavily resinated and consistently produce some of the highest THC levels found in modern cannabis. It induces an intense, long-lasting effect that hits the body hard and keeps the mind stimulated. The profile of the smoke is hard to discern wether it is Indica or Sativa dominant. With such a broad spectrum of effects and its unknown lineage it’s not surprising that you will find OG’s labeled as either Indica dominant or Sativa dominant depending on the location and opinion. Besides being some of the most in demand cannabis the OG Kush is responsible for the creation of the immensely popular Diesel strains; NYC Diesel and Sour Diesel.

Now, the story of the True OG starts in the rolling hills and dense vegetation of Topanga Canyon in unincorporated Los Angeles County which has always beckoned bohemians and artists because of the privacy and sheer beauty it affords. The level of privacy ensured by numerous high-profile residents coupled with a steady water supply has made it an attractive area for both indoor and outdoor growers. It was from this area that the San Jose collective Elemental Wellness obtained 10 cuts of True OG for $50 a piece in 2004. Over six years of cultivating and perfecting the strain paid off for Elemental Wellness at the 2010 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup, where they won a 2nd place in the indica category for the signature True OG strain, proving that the Kush strains still continue to generate seriously strong buzz. There is so much OG Kush being produced, but, this OG is truly something special, and it is ultimately the relationship and interaction between the plant and the grower which makes this strain TRUE OG!

Flowering time – 56-62 days

Aucune description française bon jusqu'à maintenant!

Trophées de The True OG

The True OG de Elemental Seeds est une variété primée et a remporté 2 prix entre 2012 et 2013!

2eme Place
pour Elemental Seeds à la
High Times Cannabis Cup 2013
2eme Place
pour Elemental Seeds à la
High Times Cannabis Cup 2012

Critiques sur The True OG

Nous avons collecté les avis de 3 cultivateurs pour The True OG.

Impression Générale à L'Intérieur

Floraison d'intérieur
63 - 63 jours (±63 jours)
Rendement / Quantité Intérieur
La récolte de cette souche est légèrement plus de la moyenne
Impression Générale Intérieur
The True OG est tous ensemble assez bonne variété
Puissance / Effet durable
La Marihuana affecte fou forte et très longue durée
Votes de nos utilisateurs
The True OG obtenir 7.50 des 10 points possibles à la moyenne!

Connu des Phénotypes:

  1. long, tendu, floraison rapidement, indica-dominante Phénotype #2

Plus d'info:

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Dégustation de The True OG

Les utilisateurs de seedfinder ont testé The True OG et ont téléchargé des informations sur les arômes, les goûts ou les effets de The True OG de Elemental Seeds. Voici un bref aperçu, cliquez sur les graphiques à secteurs ou sur les liens pour obtenir une description exacte et trouver des variétés de cannabis similaires!

Arome / Fumet

~21% Citron doux ~21% Limon ~3% Diesel ~50% Agrumes ~7% Chimique ~7% Sol ~60% Aigre ~20% Amer ~20% Microbiologique

L'arôme / l'odeur de The True OG peut être décrit comme Aigre (Agrumes) et de un petit peu Amer (un petit peu Chimique) ou Microbiologique (un petit peu Sol). more

Goût / Saveur

~60% Aigre ~20% Amer ~20% Microbiologique

Le goût / la saveur de The True OG a été qualifié de Aigre et de un petit peu Amer ou Microbiologique. more

Effet / Impact

~30% Insouciante ~12% Récréative ~6% Relaxante ~12% Psychédélique ~13% Apaisant ~6% Énergétique ~6% Apéritive ~60% Mental ~40% Physiquement

The True OG a fondamentalement un effet fort sur le Mental (Insouciante et aussi un petit peu Récréative ou Psychédélique) mais affecte également l'Physiquement (un petit peu Apaisant ou Énergétique). more

Galerie de The True OG

Ici vous voyez les dernières photos de The True OG, téléchargées de nos utilisateurs. Nous avons collecté au total 1 photos de la The True OG de Elemental Seeds - découvrez notre Galerie de The True OG pour les voir toutes.

The True OG Lignée / Génétique

Carte de l'Arbre Généalogique de The True OG

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Hybrides & Croisements avec The True OG

Grizzly Kush
The True OG x {The True OG x Unknown Strain Abba Zabba}
Mango Tango
The True OG x {Tangie x Peaches}

Carte des Descendants de The True OG

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Commentaires sur The True OG

Ensemble, nous avons recueilli 4 commentaires d'utilisateurs à propos de The True OG de Elemental Seeds. Malheureusement, aucun de ces commentaires n'est en français! Ici nous vous montrons les commentaires en anglais:

- 08.04.2019

I attempted to add comments about an authentic The True OG seed I purchased directly in Elemental Wellness in San Jose, CA when sold one-time in 2014 I think. (I posted a previous informational comments) In 2017 outdoor season in the East Bay of San Francisco Bay area I sprouted a number of plants to grow and bloom outdoors in a dangerous hood. No one steals from me. An MMJ patient in CA can grow 100' feet if the city does not ban it, and my city does not so I grow a very full 10' x 10' square. Among my own created seeds I grew many from TGA Genetics as it was then called. The Weed Nerd guy. And I grew one of my few The True OG seeds. Most of my plants are shorter and wider hybrids, or short and stout Indica's. I took all of my outdoor plants and crossed them all with seed-strain, "Dr Who". It made many previously scrawny plants with poor branching have superb branching, and a lot of the misc offspring make a purple plant although it is never cold here. With my one "The True OG" seed it was a female and quickly outpaced the other plants to reach 6' when the others were mostly 4'. It was tall and with long spread out branches it looked like it would not do well in the bud production and I tied it down to help avoid scrutiny. When I went to smoke it there were so many seeds made that I put it aside to smoke buds that were less of a pain. I purposely seeded all of my outdoor plants with one male out of at least 25 I killed. I make seeds from a $2K+ collection and I can sprout countless seeds. After smoking through 3,000 grams of cannabis from 20 different plants which were all excellent, doing construction for 9 months in my basement, I ran low and started smoking really seeded weed. I've smoked so much in blunts that it's sometimes difficult to notice a high. One day while smoking my strain, The True OG x Dr Who, I realized that I was suddenly super-high through an all-day smoking buzz. It's the strongest strain I have grown in 100 plants I've budded, including elite clones, seed strains, and some original The True OG. It was good, but I then also had super-bud from another 25 plants I had grown and nothing stood out so obviously. I took that plant and crossed it with Jillybean last season and will grow them outdoors this year and see if the Jillybean slows down the tallness and maybe makes more buds. The buds are more dense than the Sativa dominant hybrids I grow. I possess seeds of True OG x Dr Who, and (True OG x Dr Who) x Jillybean. It's remarkably strong.

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- 05.10.2016

Monster yielding OG Kush with all the lemon-pledge flavor and knockout power you're searching for. The Truth is out there, if you can find it. Elemental rarely drops these beans... So the legend grows.

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- 06.03.2016

Connecté à une recension de The True OG!

I created an account to add some other information besides the guy whose seeds did not sprout. First of all, I am in the San Francisco Bay Area of California and more specifically in the San Jose area where the MMJ provider known as Elemental Wellness is located. They are the creator of the strain, or more like the extreme developer of a previously existing strain. I have only seen these seeds offered for sale one time only at the MMJ provider. They sold for $195 for six. If you go in Happy Hour you can get a 15% discount on all products including seeds and clones. So, I would imagine if the other contributor tried to pop seven seeds that means that they were likely sold by a secondary (or worse) seller who possibly recreated the seeds themselves, since they are so rarely sold. They have not been offered one time in 18 months since i bought a six-pack. I also failed two seeds upon initial attempts at sprouting, but i also failed a total of $200 retail of seeds including The True OG seeds. I did another round of sprouting but went back to basics of the paper-towel method and i popped one out of one True OG seed i tried. It grew tall quickly. Had few side branches. Was hecka-spindly and thin. Grew tall quickly so i flowered it as it did not look very great TBH and i tend to pop a lot of seeds for kicks. This plant budded next to a 9LB Hammer which hermied and created seeds on The True OG. I grew The True OG to see what it was like. I bought the seeds because they win contests and have been tested at between 30% THC and upwards of 35% one time that it was sold. So, super high THC potential. It does not always hit 30% but is dependent on conditions and the time of the year. Cool times and Spring-sold bud seems to be hitting the super-highs, and it ranges down into low 20% THC levels as well. I am re-vegging the one plant and will then grow clones. It grew too fast and lame to really pull good clones the first time around, but I plan to grow these clones out and I still possess three seeds of the original six to grow later. The buds are NEVER discounted below $60 US at MMJ. Plus there is nearly 20% tax here. Only the very best weed does not ever go on to a lower price when sold and these are the clones and seeds that i grow and buy. Just the expensive stuff like this, elite clones, and TGA seed products. This is the only feminized I have ever bought. Also, they have never once sold real clones of this strain so it is being Strain Hoarded very well. Smoke report is fine. I smoke a lot and it's all top-shelf, organic homegrown. It's good, but the clones will portray the strain in a better light later and I will report better at that time. This was from seed and not old enough to express its' full potential.

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- 05.11.2015

Connecté à une recension de The True OG!

Bought seven seeds exhausted all of them and got no plants cost me well over two hundred dollars

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