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Tangerine Cookies

élevé par Elev8 Seeds

Vous trouverez ici toutes les informations sur Tangerine Cookies de Elev8 Seeds. Si vous recherchez des informations sur Tangerine Cookies de Elev8 Seeds, consultez L'Info Principale, Dégustation, Journaux De Culture, Magasins et Comparaison des Prix, Lignée / Généalogie ou Commentaires sur cette variété de cannabis ici sur cette page, et suivez les liens pour obtenir encore plus d'informations - ou répertoriez toutes les Variétés de Tangerine Cookies (±2) pour trouver une version différente. Si vous avez des expériences personnelles avec la culture ou la consommation de cette variété de cannabis, veuillez utiliser les liens de téléchargement pour les télécharger dans la base de données!

Informations de l'éleveur

Tangerine Cookies est une variété mostly sativa de et peut être cultivée en l'intérieur (où les plantes femelles auront besoin d'une période de floraison de ±60 jours) et l'extérieur. Graines de Tangerine Cookies de Elev8 Seeds sont / étaient aussi disponibles en versions féminisées.

Description de Elev8 Seeds Tangerine Cookies

Elev8 Seeds Tangerine Cookies Type: 70/30 Sativa dominant
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
Yield: Heavy
Potency: Very high
Genetics: Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie
Seed Type: Regular (F2) & Feminized

I thought the Tangerine Cookies cross was a no brainer. Tangie is renowned for its loud orange citrus flavor but can sometimes lack density. Thin Mint is a tasty, potent legend with rock-hard dense buds caked in frost. We searched through many Tangies to find a special male that reeked of orange peels as a mate for the Thin Mint and we found it.

There was an article in the March 2016 High Times about the tastiest strains that tested the highest in terpenes. Terpenes in those tests ranged from about 2% to the highest ever tested by High Times at 4.1% (Durban Poison). Tangerine Cookies lab tests showed that our sample of Tangerine Cookies had 5.5% terpenes and 28.87% THC.

The resulting Tangerine Cookies was everything we had hope for and more. The cross between the two reintroduced hybrid vigor to bring a surprisingly high yield from a cross of two mediocre yielders. Every bud from the top cola to the bottom buds were rock hard and dripped with resin. To say the buds were stunning is an understatement.

The smell is mouth-watering and LOUD. Fresh and dried buds will fill a room with the smell of orange cream soda. The taste matches the smell exactly and lingers on the taste buds.

The effect is energizing, happy and extremely potent.

I can’t say enough good things about this strain. Tangerine Cookies is a rock-star.

Tangerine Cookies tests out at 28.87% THC-A. See the Lab Analysis

Aucune description française bon jusqu'à maintenant!

Où puis-je acheter des graines de cannabis de Tangerine Cookies?

Tangerine Cookies von Elev8 Seeds est disponible en graines régulières et féminisées. Dans 2 magasins / banques de graines nous avons trouvé 3 offres entre USD 17.61 pour 1 graine féminisée et USD 106.40 pour 8 graines régulières. Si vous cherchez à acheter des graines de cannabis Tangerine Cookies de Elev8 Seeds, consultez notre page de comparaison des prix de Tangerine Cookies avec toutes les offres en cours de toutes les banques de semences et de tous les magasins connectés - ou visitez directement l'un des magasins de semences testés, dignes de confiance et recommandés suivants pour découvrir leurs offres Tangerine Cookies actuelles: Cannapot Hanfshop and Cheeba Beans.

Critiques sur Tangerine Cookies

Nous avons collecté les avis de un cultivateur pour Tangerine Cookies.

Impression Générale à L'Extérieur

Récolte d'extérieur
Moyen de Octobre ± 8 Semaines
in BmShβ climates
Rendement / Quantité En plein air
La récolte de cette souche est légèrement en dessous de la moyenne
Impression Générale En plein air
Tangerine Cookies est tous ensemble légèrement plus de la moyenne
Puissance / Effet durable
La Marihuana affecte forte et de longue durée
Votes de nos utilisateurs
Tangerine Cookies obtenir 6.00 des 10 points possibles à la moyenne!

Connu des Phénotypes:

» nouveau » aucun jusqu'à présent (homogène??)

Plus d'info:

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Dégustation de Tangerine Cookies

Les utilisateurs de seedfinder ont testé Tangerine Cookies et ont téléchargé des informations sur les goûts ou les effets de Tangerine Cookies de Elev8 Seeds. Voici un bref aperçu, cliquez sur les graphiques à secteurs ou sur les liens pour obtenir une description exacte et trouver des variétés de cannabis similaires!

Goût / Saveur

~64% Médecine ~64% Chimique ~90% Amer

Le goût / la saveur de Tangerine Cookies a été qualifié de partiellement Amer. et plus précis que celui de Chimique more

Effet / Impact

~31% Insouciante ~35% Relaxante ~66% Mental ~34% Physiquement

Tangerine Cookies a fondamentalement un effet fort sur le Mental (Relaxante ou Insouciante) mais affecte également l'Physiquement. more

Commentaires sur Tangerine Cookies

Ensemble, nous avons recueilli 2 commentaires d'utilisateurs à propos de Tangerine Cookies de Elev8 Seeds. Malheureusement, aucun de ces commentaires n'est en français! Ici nous vous montrons les commentaires en anglais:

- 01.11.2019

Connecté à une recension de Tangerine Cookies!

my issue is with the quality of seeds from Elev8.They were green and immature, and very poor quality.They had a 30% germination rate on this strain, and lower with the 2nd strain I purchased.They wouldnt not reveal how their seeds are stored, but assured they are viable.When I contacted them regarding the poor germination rate they didnt offer any resolution, refund, future discount, nothing.When I sent photos, I did get a response, but it was like big.I find this breeder unprofessional, and their seeds are SUB STANDARD and UNACCEPTABLE.They bother to number and seal the container, but NO DATE, so who knows how old their stock is.For the price they charge, I would expect a bit more professionalism and considersation rather than to be treated as if Im some idiot noob that has zero education in the field.Been a Master Gardener x20 yrs and growing cannabis x19yr.Continuing college education in entomology and horticulture.Grafted 5 apple trees, crossed 2 different tomatoes, etc...hardly a rookie counting on "bro science"If the seeds I made from this strain come out better, Ill revise my review.But the sub standard seeds I got did not produce anything close to the description given by Elev8 seeds.I DO NOT recommend getting scammed by these people and find another breeder that doesnt try to pass off BUNK SEEDS at PREMIUM prices.

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- 01.11.2019

I have a few complaints about my experience with Elev8 seeds. 1)I ordered 2 strains 4 days apart, and they refused to extend their 10% discount on the 2nd order, even tho I was already paying double shipping.(most companies would let 4 days slide for an order far exceeding $200) 2) First to arrive TC, seeds were sealed, not dated.Seeds are ALL GREEN and immature looking.When contacted, they assured me their seeds are viable.However, offered ZERO GUARANTEE.....Out of 6 seeds, only 2 germinated.I contacted them again, and they responded as if I must have done something incorrectly.They would NOT reveal how their seeds are stored when asked either.Every other seed I started on that round germinated @ 100% rate, only the ones from Elev8 did not.Im not surprised after seeing them on reciept.They should have at least offered me a future discount or something due to the poor germination rate at the prices they charge, thats over $10 per seed.3) after harvest, I took photos (with a $1200 camera/$800 macro lens) and I did get a response at least, "Meh.....thanks" like- no big deal.Seeds should be fully mature, tan color with tiger stripes.THEY WAY THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO LOOK!

Grow info:Does not grow like a 70/30 Sativa dominant strain, more indica traits such as big fat leaves, fat short colas, not the sweet smell or taste of sativa Im used to.I get vicks vapo rub, but tangerine is a stretch.The plant is round, also incica like, finishes in about 60+ d 2nd wk in OCT. Fairly disease resistant, and easy to grow. Output sub standard. Could be due to the poor quality seeds that Elev8 tried to pass off as viable.If next yrs grow turns out differently with the seeds Imade from this plant, Ill revise this section of my review.Not like Im a rookie grower x 19yrs, and a Master Gardener x 20 yrs, with continuing education in entomology and horticulture.Grafted apples, roses, camilla, tree peony and crossed my own perfect canning tomatoes. (in which the flowers have both m/f parts and require isolation)I hardly consider myself a rookie relying on "bro science" like the UNPROFESSIONAL quality I recieved from Elev8 seeds.My experience with the 2nd strain I purchased had an even lower germination rate than the tangerine cookies.But Ill include that on my revew of that strain.I do NOT recommend this company or ANYTHING they will try to scam you and send a sub standard seed that is NOT VIABLE.Highly UNACCEPTABLE;They made my list of "NEVER AGAIN"

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