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Tahoe Kookie OG
Dirty Water Organics
intérieur, extérieur
~60 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

For the mother we took our trusty selection of riots gsc s1 (Og dom) and dusted her with some Tahoe Og f2 pollen and the Tahoe kookie Og was born.

These f1's have shown many great traits of each parents both and it has been fun searching for our keepers to continue the line. Most plants can take the light- normal stressors always keep an eye out for your own keepers and duds as these are some amazing plants when grown correctly and the correct plant is found.

Our keeper has been a main stay in our breeding programs as well as my own personal medicine cabinet sitting right next to her mommy gsc jar. Worthy of the highest top shelf .

Some pheno's have awesome pink and magenta blown out calyxes with the gsc mom smells and tastes on top of the Tahoe candy lemon Og craziness . When taken a tad early , they do this thing where when they dry , the flowers look to be silver grey on top of a darker green purple pink hue . It's the sexiest thing to see so the bag appeal on some pheno's is just phenomenal with the power ,smell, taste , and effect to match. Great all day or early evening smoke with excellent medicinal benefits ..

Limited first generation release.

smell , taste , and effect to match ..

Great day time or evening smoke with good medicinal properties.

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