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Strawberry Cough

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Strawberry Cough
Clone Only
intérieur, extérieur
mostly indica
~56 jours
Seulement disponible comme bouture.

Aka: Kyle Kushmans Strawberry Cough

Texas Kid: Strawberry Fields is a 100% indica strain that originated in vermont. around 7 weeks flowering time. Breed for the taste and smell of strawberries, and to be able to finish before the first snow fall in Vermont. High yielder. from what I understand, the strain was given it's name because the breeder grew it for many years in with his strawberry plants, and claimed that the original scent of strawberries was intensified because of the way he grew the plants together. nevertheless, if his theories were correct or not, the worked plants in his field had developed a scent and smell that matched his freshest strawberries to a tee. But the high was not ideal for his prefrences(needed to be more cerebral). He took an outstanding pure haze male and crossed it with his best female flowering in his fields. These are essentially strawberry cough seeds, but not the clone that's going around. The SC pheno clone was found in sorting through dozens of these seeds that were given to kyle kushman. the SC clone yields very heavily from it's mother strawberry fields(which I was told the real deal is now extinct). Expect a minimun of five to six ounces per sc plant, and the real deal finish around 7.5 - 9 weeks depending on what you look at to harvest. each branch must be supported with at least one stalk, or the weight of the buds will cause your limbs and buds to hang on the ground.

Nebu: regarding the Strawberry Cough heritage, Strawberry Fields x Haze as I was told. Though Kyle (with whom I worked @ HighTimes and who provided the clone & details to me) had said it was a lonely (& lowly, he thought at first) clone, not seeds, which he received. He did not expect much (the 'breeder' had a very small, humble environment) and accepted the clone only to be polite ~ upon arriving home after a fairly long drive he opened the box where he had placed the clones and was suprised to catch the strong aroma of strawberries. At that moment he thought that it just might be something special. (which it really is!)

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