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Sour Pink Kush Autoflowering

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Sour Pink Kush Autoflowering
intérieur, extérieur
Floraison automatique
~63 jours (De la germination à la récolte.)
Non disponible féminisée.

This is our newest version of our 06 High Life cup winning Pink Kush. Pink kush has become the standard in quality Kush in Canada and western USA. The genetics used in Pink Kush dates back all the way to the 70’s and fueled BC Cannabis globally. The genetics behind Pink Kush were imported from the Pakistan/ afghan in the 70’s it was one of the first successful cultivars to be adapted and grown in BC Canada.
The Pink is legendary type Marijuana one never forgets when they have experienced her grown to her full potential.

Maintaining the terpene profile and bud structure in Pink kush is not a easy job in hybrids many few strains don’t downgrade the quality of the clone. I have worked with her for well over a decade , we have another very popular strain called RM Sour Diesel Kush, in this new hybrid we decided to try using our best Kush with the Sour Diesel rather than the regular Hindu Kush, It turned out amazing to date the Sour Pink is the best of the Pink Kush Hybrids the Pink always had a slightly fuel like background this was a match made in heaven it reduced the flowering time by 2 weeks from the 11 weeks the Pink master clone demands to a respectable 9 weeks. The plants don’t look nearly as rough in the last weeks of flowering a common trait of the Pink when she is grown correctly, the yield is high and the plants are just caked in Resin.

To this day few plants have come close to the quality of this iconic Strain.

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