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Nom: Sour Pineapple
Eleveur: Annunaki Genetics
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: mostly sativa
Floraison: ~59 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Annunaki Genetics - Sour Pineapple

We played match maker once again and introduced a couple of our shining stars to one another. Our long-time favorite Pineapple Express female (famed parent of Prism and Purple Pineapple Express) met a stellar male of our own creation: Pink Dream (father of Cherry Sprite, Strawberry Mamba, Sour Cyclone, and Purple Persuasion); where they stayed together for a few weeks time. Although both parents possess sativa-type highs, Pink Dream and Pineapple Express also have fairly hard come-downs, so we hoped that these two sativas chromosomes would combine in just the right way as to allow for a nice expansive and creative daytime-high without slamming you down hard as its effects wear off.

While we don’t typically go too far into making detailed descriptions regarding the effects of combusted cannabis flowers (as most folks seem to have different experiences), we’d like to believe that we hit the mark on this one! If sour, sweet, and fuel-funk often equate to being creative, uplifting, and euphoric then this is the cannabis cultivar for you! One might wonder why we included “sour” in the name of this cross when there is no Sour Diesel or Sour Tsunami in its genetics, but take a good whiff of this during peak-flower and one will quickly realize that ‘sour’ is the most appropriate adjective in this instance!
During flowering weeks 5-7 the aroma when entering a room will be apparent, and if you get close enough it might just slap you in the face. But even closer than that though — just a few centimeters away — a long, slow, deep inhale will go straight to the brain! Try it. A quick squish of the live, juicy buds will leave one’s forefinger and thumb absolutely covered in a glistening terpene-rich oil that has such an overwhelming sour lime, fuel-funk that it nearly stings the nostrils. This is true to different degrees in every phenotype we found, including the purple one: #4. Although we consider Sour Pineapple’s aroma to be its best trait, it’s certainly not lacking in cannabis’ many other redeeming qualities. Sour Pineapple produces a generous yield, is hardy to grow, vigorous, and sports some color as well. An all-around easy-to-grow, beautiful cannabis cultivar.

Warning: Sour Pineapple may leave a sour taste in your mouth.

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Lignée / Génétique

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