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Nom: Sour Blue Cheese
Eleveur: The Fire Department
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur, serre
Type: indica/sativa
Floraison: ~50 jours
également disponible féminisée.

The Fire Department - Sour Blue Cheese

aka Blueberry Diesel
aka Headwrecker

Bred and created by Colorado-Native master growers. This strain is definitely very unique and the next-level medical/connoisseur grade cross made specifically for the old-5kool aficionado with a new/modern elite genetics twist that has the medical user in mind. Originating from a cross of Blue Cheese and Original Sour Diesel; both super strong genetic Lines... Increasing the THC and overall resin production exponentially... With fast growth and super rock solid nugs resulting in a High-yielding and extremely vigorous pest/mold resistant plant.
Heavy and intense, mind-melding head high, giving it the name "Headwrecker" which can be intimidating at times, so watch out. Overwhelmingly powerful, sweet, sugary blueberry; with a slight hint of sour fruit/skunk fragrance. Smoke tastes of sweet tart blueberry's and creamy cheese flavours all coming together for a strong full bodied stone that starts with the head and finishes off with a perfect stress relieving body-melting stone. The smoke really expands in the lungs and rolls off the tongue, cool and soothing to the palette...
Nice daytime strain if you need something more hard-hitting to get the job done. Terpene profile is Great for pain, migraines, eating disorders, and stress.
Grows well in SOG or ScrOG settings with lots of light and food. Organically and hydroponically grown and tested greenhouse, indoors and outdoors in Colorful-Colorado. Easy and fun to grow for the experienced professionals searching for just the right quality and quantity; and really packs a punch! Harvest between 55-65 days depending on desired terpene-profile/effects: this is due to the sativa and indica hybrid traits.

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