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Flying Dutchmen
Skunk #1

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Skunk #1
Flying Dutchmen
intérieur, extérieur
mostly indica
~78 jours
Uniquement disponible féminisée.

This is the strain that changed cannabis cultivation. The original Indica-Sativa hybrid that has astonished weed lovers for more than a quarter-century is now available as a feminised variety!

The potency of this branch of the cannabis family tree is so notorious that ‘skunk’ is often used as a term for any powerful ganja. Breeders regard Skunk #1 as the benchmark of uniform, reliable performance and her rock-solid genotype has influenced a hundred modern hybrids. Skunk #1’s energetic performance and bountiful yields demonstrate the true meaning of hybrid vigour. Growth and flowering are mostly-Indica in appearance, though Skunk plants gain more height than pure Indicas when blooming. The extra-dark green of this strain’s foliage comes from her Afghan ancestors.

Flowering is very fast and Skunk #1 produces robust stems and branches to support her superior yields. Short internode gaps explode into dense, rounded bud-clusters which merge into huge, heavy colas by harvest time.

Skunk #1’s Sativa genes have a subtle effect on flower structure plus a wonderful influence on her effect - a stunningly potent combination of stone and high!

Flowering: 50 - 55 days
Yield: 100 g
Height: 110 - 130 cm

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Où puis-je acheter des graines de cannabis de Skunk #1?

Skunk #1 de Flying Dutchmen est disponible uniquement en graines féminisées. Graines régulières ne sont pas disponibles pour le moment. Dans 7 magasins / banques de graines nous avons trouvé 18 offres entre EUR 7.59 pour 1 graine féminisée et EUR 394.32 pour 60 graines féminisées. Si vous cherchez à acheter des graines de cannabis Skunk #1 de Flying Dutchmen, consultez notre page de comparaison des prix de Skunk #1 avec toutes les offres en cours de toutes les banques de semences et de tous les magasins connectés - ou visitez directement l'un des magasins de semences testés, dignes de confiance et recommandés suivants pour découvrir leurs offres Skunk #1 actuelles: Seeds66, Herbies Head Shop, Green Parrot Seed Store, Zamnesia, Sensi Seeds, Discreet Seeds and Oaseeds.

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