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Nom: Skunk Afghani
Eleveur: Original Sensible Seeds
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: indica/sativa
Floraison: ~58 jours
Uniquement disponible féminisée.

Original Sensible Seeds - Skunk Afghani

A vigorous cannabis strain producing huge resinous colas

Sometimes the oldies are the goodies and these traditional Old School Skunk Afghani seeds from our own Original Sensible brand is definitely one to keep. In just 50 to 65 days, you can have those traditional rock solid Afghani Skunk buds absolutely coated in thick gorgeous resin that transcends belief. The smell is uniquely skunky and permeates through the room leaving behind a flavour that stays on your palate for hours. Grow the Skunk Afghani from Original Sensible cannabis seeds and you will have highly tolerant plants that are incredibly resistant to pets and moisture and can grow in almost any conditions.

Because these weeds seeds are so easy to grow, they are ideal for the beginner that wants to try something really old school. But they are equally as popular with the commercial grower that just knows you don't mess with a good thing. As you will see from the price, Original Sensible Seeds do offer cheaper cannabis seeds than a lot of other leading brands. But buy cannabis seeds from our own label brand and you will soon realise that that doesn't mean there is any reduction in quality. All we do is offer highly productive marijuana seeds that produce deliciously effective weed at great prices.

Genetic Origin: Indica / Sativa hybrid
Flowering / Harvest time: 50 - 65 days indoor
Outdoor Harvest: October
Yield: Medium Yield 450 gr m/2
Height: Short indoor 60-100 - Tall outdoor 170-300cm

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