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Show & Tell (Annunaki Genetics)

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Annunaki Genetics Show & Tell Photo Info

Show & Tell (Original Glue aka GG#4 x Huckleberry Soda) by Annunaki Genetics. Cultivated by DrDoob

Aroma: Lemon, pine. slightly minty
Flavor: Sweet, mixed-berry/cherry, red-skittles followed by a chocolate, a little diesel and peppery aftertaste (that increases with temperature.

I vaporized fresh ground flower sandwiching S&T kief and rosin (383° - 392°F. It's smooth and pleasant to inhale, taking a minute or two before produce that body calming and potently mood-enhancing. Show & Tell provided potent depression-relief and mild to moderate relief to GI issues and muscle tension. It did briefly cause a little anxiety/increased blood pressure, but didn't last long (and now mix it with a heavy indica flower when possible). To be honest, I'm enjoying having a cultivar that produces heavy eyelids likely containing very red eyes and a goofy smile in a way that I haven't felt in ages. With an impressive genealogical background that includes: Afghani, Black Cherry Soda, Blueberry, Chem Dawg, Chocolate Thai, Hawaiian, Northern Lights (#1, 2, 5), Super Skunk - I shouldn't be suprised she's a enjoyable "smoke." - j.

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Annunaki Genetics Show & Tell

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