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Nom: Shooting Star
Eleveur: 303 Seeds
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: mostly indica
Floraison: ~59 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

303 Seeds - Shooting Star

Our superb patient selected Sensi Star from Paradise Seeds is the ultimate lemony tasting, indica dominant hybrid. Paradise is well known, and deserves the highest praise for this cross. It is no wonder that there are several famous versions of this strain in circulation.

This pheno was personally selected and used by the patient that provided it as their primary medicine for a sleep disorder that previously required prescription sleep aids. Muscle pain, spasms and anxiety will also be aided with the use of this pheno. Ultra heavy narcotic "stone" and ultimate relaxed body dominate the effects of this indica.

A good yield, low stretch and dense resin coated colas made this the perfect mate for the Ski Train. This cross was done with the intention of adding even more citrus goodness, more resin, and more stretch to the slow vegging Sensi Star while maintaining the amazing narcotic stone this phenotype produces. The added vegetative vigor and stretch in bloom allow for an enhanced yield of some amazing indica dominant medicine.

303 Seeds Shooting Star will take you on a galactic ride for both mind and body. This will hit you like Iron Mike, knock out strength, but without the bite! Very little tolerance build up, nicely blended narcotic indica effects, and the most amazing citrus taste make this the choice for your indica med-stash.

Mother: Selected Sensi Star by Paradise Seeds
Father: Ski Train
Genetics: Sensi Star x [(Arcata Trainwreck x Super Silver Haze) x Pakistan Chitral Kush]
Grow Difficulty: Easy - Recommended for all growersÿÿ
Phenotype: Mostly Indica Hybrid
Indoor Flowering Time: 55-62 days

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