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Satellite Cindy
Oregon Green Seed
intérieur, extérieur
~53 jours
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Deep Blue C

Satellite Cindy is a variety that’s been worked by my good friend and OGS grower, Donny Greenseed.

Satellite Cindy is a little different take on the ‘Blue Cindy’ varieties that have been available for a while. While most other Blue Cindy varieties use the more typical indica blueberry originating from DJ Short, Donny Greenseed used our sativa leaning Blue Satellite 2.2 male to pollinate the Cinderella 99.

Blue Satellite is based on a sativa-leaning phenotype of DJ Short’s blueberry line, and then worked for some time by Spice of Life in Canada. He married beautifully with the pineapple Cindy.

Growers can expect a very robust and easy-growing plant. Satellite Cindy exhibits very good resistance to molds and pests and she’s not nutrient sensitive. She performs very well indoors or out. She takes about 55 days to complete her flowering cycle (indoors), and outdoors harvest can start mid September here in northern Oregon if put outdoors by mid May to June 1st.

Depending on plant size, yield can be well above average. Flowers on Satellite Cindy are about the size and shape of large pickles that stack all along the branches. Although the flowers are less dense while growing, the dried buds become rather dense for such a sativa dominant plant. This translates to more weight when dried than you might expect.

Most people really enjoy the taste of Satellite Cindy. The Blue Satellite daddy added a bit of his fresh fruity flavor to this girl, and its a nice addition to the Cindy’s tropical flavors. Potency is very good and with staying power, but without the sometimes racy confusion associated with C99.

Satellite Cindy is a good choice for patients who need a daytime medicine that helps with pain, anxiety, mood, focus – a medicine that does NOT keep you from doing things and being productive. Be social, have fun, read a book, mow the lawn, whatever you decide you’ll feel revived yet relaxed and at peace while under the spell of Satellite Cindy.

Flowering period: 7-8 weeks
Indoors, Outdoors (does great out!)
Height: medium, medium-tall
Yield: medium-high
Odor: low to medium
Potency: 7.5-8

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