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Dynasty Seeds
intérieur, extérieur
mostly sativa
~63 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Aka: Super Silver Haze F4

This Super Silver Haze line is a reworked Mr.Nice SSH.

The Male of this cross is a SSH F3 skunk/Haze dominant, that exhibited high resin content and the offspring is inundated with smells/ flavors of citrus and an extreme potency.

The SSH F2 female is the same mother used for the SSH F3s...

This particular F2 female, had the highest resin content out of any of the SSH females I grew from any of the F generations thus far.(near 250 females now)… She smells of lemon/bubblegum/haze, very similar to the nostalgic taste of fruit-stripe lemon gum...

The F2 female is mostly dominant in this cross, similar to the previous F3s but with a higher % of the ‘lemon head’ pheno.

Indica/Sativa: Sativa Dominant
Linage: SSH F2(f) x SSH F3(m)
Flowering time: 9 weeks
Stretch: 1.5-2x
Resin Profile: Copious Resin
Odour Score: 8
Odour Description: citrus, haze, skunk
Flavour Score: 8
Flavour Description: haze, citrus, hashish
Potency Score: 9
High Type: intense mind tingling cerebral high, with a sedative after


Expect the following:
* 3 phenos, but Less variations than F3s(yield/smell are the main variation)
* 9-10week bloom time
* very high thc content (not recommended for beginners)
* easy to grow for a haze hybrid
* Connoisseur strain, not for production.. High quality, medium yield
* great potential for finding a male for hybridizing

Pheno #1: This one leans toward the Skunk/haze side of the spectrum, which offers amazing terpenes but a little lower yield.. She also is a little bit lighter feeder which makes her slightly finicky..

Pheno #2: NL/Hz side of the spectrum which is heavier on the yield and a bit lighter on the terpenes… This pheno can handle a bit heavier feeding and will produce denser buds than the other phenos..

Pheno #3: ideal keeper and sometimes hard to distinguish between pheno#1 (more yield/closer node spacing and less finicky).. This lady has a bit more metabolism than the #1 which translates to the higher yield.. (she is the photo used, extremely similar to the F2 Mom)

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