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Rick's Pupil

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Rick's Pupil
intérieur, extérieur, serre
mostly indica
~45 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Rick's Pupil is a selected phenotype of Star Pupil crossed with The Evelyne (melvanetics). Flowering extremely fast, she produces dense, frosty, fully purple buds with intense potency, around 24% thc! Smells of blue candy, her genetics are mostly indica with just a touch of sativa. Both parents contribute the high of a more active indica, rather than knock you out this plant will allow you to function happily while stoned and mellow. The leaves fade out to beautiful purples and blacks, usually starting at week 5. Medium yields, this plant grows great as a multi topped bush. The seeds were made by doing a backcross with F2 Evelyne seeds off the Evelyne Rick pheno, the same pheno originally crossed with Star Pupil to form the clone only Rick's Pupil. This strain is also referred to as Evelyne's Pupil.

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