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Nom: Rasputin IBL
Eleveur: Crazy X Seeds
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: ruderalis/indica/sativa
Floraison: Floraison automatique
~56 jours (De la germination à la récolte.)

Non disponible féminisée.

Crazy X Seeds - Rasputin IBL

Rasputin IBL is the founding cross of Crazy X Seeds 100% autoflowering White Russian line. Bred from a Serious Seeds White Russian female and an original LowRyder male, she has been selectively taken up to full 100% Auto-flower.

This F5 IBL is for the AF enthusiast.

An Afghan dominance gives her the blue/green leaf colour that makes her Dark, Hypnotic and Dangerous to know.

`Buyer beware... this cross could become addictive`

Height: 12-25 inches
Germ to Harvest: 7-9 weeks
Harvest: 10g-28g per plant
Estimated THC content: Medium to high

Aucune description française bon jusqu'à maintenant!

Lignée / Génétique

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› Rasputin IBL (Crazy X Seeds)
› Rasputin IBL (Crazy X Seeds)

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Crazy X Seeds Rasputin IBLCrazy X Seeds Rasputin IBL

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