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Nom: Rail Gun
Eleveur: SnowHigh Seeds
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: mostly sativa
Floraison: ~102 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

SnowHigh Seeds - Rail Gun

Rail Gun: (Zamal x Malawi Gold x Thai x Angola Red x Thai x Purple Thai)

Rail Gun is an electric high strain, the high hits fast but buids over time for an hour to an hour and a half. Long legs, pure energy when freshly cut, The true character of the Rail Gun comes out when the cannabinoids and terpenoids form to make a synergistic strain of raw potency. The Zamal is a very trippy sativa from Reunion Island off of Africa, lots of bud sites, weeping looking flowers which are also upright, very unique due to its acclimatization on that island. The Malawi Gold is very potent and also has a unique high that is radiant energy that comes in waves, like a strobe effect in your vision which has gives you a euphoric effect that calms the mind but also supplies lots of energy. The 2 Thais have the purest form of speed in their genetics, your heart will be pounding and you will want to do things, sleep is difficult and keeping your intake to a minimum is cautionary with people not accustomed to partaking in strains potent in this way. The Angola Red and Purple Thai had trippiness to the effect, making you see things, good things, colors, auditory sensations, rolling waves that are in the mind and body.
Rail Gun gets its name from the buildup of electricity in the mind, that once the energy is released it fires off in a wave that can’t be stopped and whatever is in its path is devastated. Handle with care and don’t try to hard to grow her with all kinds of gimmick nutrients. Just give a balanced soil, with good drainage and lower nitrogen, if the strain needs anything it will tell you. Prepare to have bud sites and long colas forming all over the place. Resin glands coat these flowers and colors fluctuate from reds and purples to dark greens and shades speckled throughout your plants. A true joy to grow from seedling to maturity. **Limited Release**

Flower time range 14-16 weeks+.
Stretch 1 to 3x
Resin production: high
Odor: 8
Aroma: Honey Suckle, candy corn, Citrus from Lemon to Lime hints, Lemon grass, produce
Potency: 9
Heirloom Landrace Tropical Poly-Hybrid

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