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Purple Urkle x Tripoli Wicked

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Purple Urkle x Tripoli Wicked
Madd Farmer Genetics
intérieur, extérieur
mostly indica
~64 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Purple Urkle x Tripoli Wicked is our modern spun vision of an old classic, Purple Urkle. Our Urkle cut is a legend on the NorCali scene and the lines go way back to the 80's. Today, there are MANY so called "Purple Urkle" cuts out there, but many are just Urkle hybrids that lean towards the Urkle mother. Our Urkle cut was taken from the original Urkle mother and held tight for two generations now. Our Tripoli Wicked male is the second part of the cross. A male was blessed to us from the male side of the lines that created Purple Urkle, known by our locals as Jackie Boy in honor of my late father, which we then crossed with our Lavender mother to add the Sativa flair we were looking for from our male in this project, creating Tripoli Wicked. He is a very Sativa leaning male, that offers added resins, a touch of boom-boom for the head and the stretch that is lacking in Purple Urkle. Phenos from the hybrid line have nearly all shown variations of brilliant colors and dense bud sets. Flavors of this hybrid is really where its at though. Terp profiles are either Nehi Grape soda or Tart Tangelos on big budded purple flowers. A total trip when you smoke a purple bud that tastes just like a tangelo, it really shocks your senses. My favorite. Flower times range from 60-67 days indoors and mid to late October outdoor. If purples are your thing, this buds for you. If you are usually turned off by lack of pop from purple cannabis, this one may change your opinion.

Purple Urkle x Tripoli Wicked
Flower times: Indoor 60-67 days - Outdoor mid to late October
Yield: Above average yields
Classification: 60/40 Indica leaning

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