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Nom: Power Bud
Eleveur: Zambeza
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: indica/sativa
Floraison: ~60 jours
Uniquement disponible féminisée.

Zambeza - Power Bud

Power Bud is a very popular commercial cannabis type. She's very simple, and grows extremely fast and is very reliable. She's perfect for indoor and outdoor growing and does very well on all types of soil. But if she is grown on hydro the buds will explode from the THC.

This plant is especially an Indica strain, with a Sativa background. Because of this combination the effects will give you a relaxed high, both physical and mental.

Power bud gives you a reliable harvest with spectacular figures up to 150 grams per plant.

A real winner!

Yield: 45-65 grams per plant
THC: Average
Height: 100-120 cm
Genetics: Sativa/Indica Mix
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
Effect: High
CBD: Average

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Power Bud de Zambeza est disponible uniquement en graines féminisées. Graines régulières ne sont pas disponibles pour le moment. Dans 3 magasins / banques de graines nous avons trouvé 7 offres entre EUR 6.53 et EUR 44.95

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