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Treeology Genetics
intérieur, extérieur, serre
mostly indica
~67 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

For this strain we took a super frosty indica dominant Ocean Charms female and pollinated her with our reliable My Blue #3 stud.The results are a frosty, branchy monster yielder. Look for her to finish about 67 but be prepared a week earlier because some phenos finish a little sooner than others. This strain combines two of our best strains. Weeving together Ocean Blue, Lucky Charms bred by Bodhisattva Seeds, Blue Dream (Santa Cruz cut) & Hitman OG bred by DNA. This combines Guava & other tropical flavors with OG & hashy undertones. This is a hybrid approximately 60/40 indica dominant. Plant ahead indoor she is a literal beast & will need MUCH head room. Give her a huge pot or even better put her in some nice amended soil in the ground outdoor, grow her organically & watch her grow well over 10 feet tall if you let her. Topping & pinching is recommended. Also SCROG may be best indoor or greenhouse.

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