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Nom: Poison Durban Elixir
Eleveur: Kingdom Organic
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: mostly sativa
Floraison: ~68 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Kingdom Organic Seeds - Poison Durban Elixir

This is the El Jefe Thai f1 male, using a different selected f2 DTHF mommy breeder (SG pheno) and this mother was leaning very Durban Poison and the high was just a stellar and unique mostly Durban Poison high-type very soaring and medicinal in unique ways. Pretty creeper smoke, with very lemon candy with a peppery hash and candy background on the exhale, indescribably delicious! The yields on this mommy EJT were very big and fairly dense and full of deadly resin; awesome smoke and super unique resin profile. You don’t run across this high-type very often these days in my opinion. Watch for uber special females in this f2 generation with purple buds and pink pistils from time to time, heh heh.

These are some olden sativa genes involved here and selected for, so you must take care to treat these much like you would treat heirloom varieties of other plant species, and never shock the shit out of them with nutrient mega dosing, or severe pruning; and of course your flowering room has to be black-dark all the way during lights out. These would likely rock big in greenhouses yikes!

KOS always recommends letting our genetics get at least 55 days old from seed before initiating flowering. This is to insure the most resin production, and always grow our gear all organically if possible for the best smells and flavors possible from your herbs.

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