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Pitbull (Unknown/Legendary)

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Unknown or Legendary Pitbull Photo Info

Greetings! Happy to share this girl with all of you, pitbull bagseed from a 1/2 oz, the one and only turned out to be vigorous and beautiful. Never grew out any stoney girl farms genetics but I fell in love with this one right off the bat. Fan leaves are a deep evergreen and the smell is a strong pine reminiscent of some all time Haze. Not a speck of purple anywhere, I wonder what parent this possible S1 bagseed pheno is looking like but I would suspect that it's a sativa relative. I'll update after harvest and I'm looking for any feedback that I can get. What a lady! Great job Stoney Girl! Proud of this PNW beauty💖

Unknown or Legendary Pitbull

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