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Pink Kush 1.1

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Pink Kush 1.1
intérieur, extérieur
mostly indica
~74 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Pink kush 1-1 We used the famous pink kush cutting ( I named it pink kush ) that has been guarded for nearly 3 decades the mother line of the king and one of the most high reguarded plants in my collection in this generation we pollinated her with the pure king pollen this is the purest and best PK line that I have offered to date it will pass on the flavor and taste and those pink hairs that are also dominant in the King line will be super dominant in this line , one of my main goals in working with the Pk was not to loose that killer flavor and crazzy resin production and this in a obvious match the pure king is not as fussy as the pk in the feeding dept and is easier to grow overall this is the reason the king was bred is that the Pink kush which was called a HP before I called it pk was really fussy it can knock out huge colas and produce crazzy amounts of resin if everything is on if its not it can disapoint , the king was initially bred to make a easier PK type . In this hybrid which is about 87.5% pink kush expect a few issues like massive vegative death at week 8-9 this is more subtle on the pure king but on the pink kush line the plants look really rough all leaves turn yellow and die no matter what you do near the end the buds are 100% if everything is good but no matter what you do the leaves yellow . This plant can yeild massive like our hash plant line if you dial it in. The flowering time is 10-11 weeks not sooner or you will loose Outdoors she takes untill november

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