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Panama Black
SnowHigh Seeds
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~91 jours
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Panama Black is a combination of 2 different BCO Black Haze mothers which genetics consist of Purple Haze x Colombian Black. One Black Haze pheno was the Purple Haze pheno with striking purple old school floral clusters that smell of burgundy/port wine and taste of grape candy which translates to the palate while smoking. The other Black Haze pheno was more Purple Colombian dominate but with some green mixed with the purple colors. The high is a connoisseur smoke unlike almost anything on the market.

The combination with a BCO Panama Red male which has traits of red but not full on red traits was used in the Panama Black. The Panama Red line grows large and long with many buds sites of densely packed resinous full sativa floral clusters. The Panama Black which produces phenos from both sides of the spectrum from the Purple Haze phenos which yield large purple diamond shaped plants with loads of moderately large floral clusters of the highest quality to the more racy and trippy Panama Red phenos which should produce some recessive red phenos that live up to the legends of Panama Red from the 60’s and 70’s. This line is for lovers of exotic sativas and for those who want to experience a true sativa experience. A balanced organic soil and repotting should be used to control height and use of normal hybrid fertilizing and feeding programs should be refrained from while growing this line or yields or other fussy expressions can produce unwanted outcomes and poor yields. Patience is needed while growing any pure sativa, allowing the flowers to grow to full potential with good amounts of light and root space should be considered before growing this strain. Those who are inexperienced with growing longer flowering strains should research growing them beforehand so you’re better prepared to finish the strain. Those who decide to grow Panama Black will be rewarded with exotic highs and an enhancement high type which is a rarity in most todays strains.

Flower time range 12-14 weeks with the possibility of some even longer phenotypes

Pure Sativa hybrid of worked heirloom and landrace genetics

Stretch: 2 to 3x

Resin production: good resin but small glands then what people expect from Indica hybrids, high resin production doesn’t necessarily mean high potency.

Odor: 4
Aroma: pheno dependent but range from burgundy port wine to grape, lemon grass and other exotic smells

Flavor: 8
The flavor is more refined but delicious, subtle, grape and woody tastes which translate from the aroma of each particular pheno

Potency: 8-9
Duration of high: 4 to 6 hours depending on level of consumption
High Type: Also pheno dependent but many layers of highs come on, some slight changes in perception come on immediately and build for up to an hour or more. The highs are trippy, soaring, colorful, and intense but not paranoid inducing unless not accustomed to potent cannabis. Sativas of this caliber are best enjoyed without consuming other cannabis strains which contain CBD which modulate the high or basically bind to the THC and other psychoactive cannabinoids and synergistic terpenoids. In some cases of cannabis use its best not to consume other CBD rich strains or narcotic pain medications because of the binding to the CB1 receptors which can decrease the perceived potency of the strain. Also consuming edibles will detract from the best expressions of sativa strains like Panama Black.

Genetics: BCO Black Haze mothers (Purple Haze x Colombian Black) x Panama Red

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